WR Has Interest in UM

At 6-foot-1 and 175 pounds, Long Beach (Calif) Poly standout wide receiver Derrick Jones hasn't been having the season he had hoped for. At least not yet.

"We're doing alright as a team," Jones said. "We're 2-2 but we can get better. I'm trying to find ways to make more plays myself."

Jones, who says he has 12 catches for 400 yards and three touchdowns this season, has been catching all types of passes this season.

"Ive been catching a lot of short stuff and turning it into big plays," he said. "I am running seems, slants, stops, curls, a lot of short stuff."

Jones, who will take the SAT for the first time this Saturday, is also keeping up with the recruiting process. He's one of the state's most heavily recruited wide receivers.

"My top choices right now are SC, Oregon, Miami, Florida State, and Oklahoma," he said. "Big ones like that are the ones I like the most."

Jones said he's spoken to coaches from all five schools on the phone this month, although it's been awhile since he's talked to Miami.

"Each time they call, I miss it," he said. "We can't seem to catch up with each other. I like everything about Miami. The players, the coaches, the program, it's all top notch."

Jones, who plans on attending a game at USC this Saturday, said his top choice for now is Florida State.

"FSU's my dream school and Peter Warrick is my idol so of course I like them a lot and want to play there," he said. "I talked to them tonight on the phone actually. They said they're going to try to keep recruiting me and then see what happens."

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