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Chris Myers is a junior from Palmetto High School in Miami. Myers is an all-America candidate and has been starting on the offensive line as the right guard. He has started 18 career games, which is second on the team amongst offensive players. Only Kevin Beard has started more career games. Myers took time to answer questions about Florida State, Brock Berlin and the running back situation.

Will the Florida State defensive line be the most physical that you play against?

I have no doubt that they will probably be the best line that we will face this year. Personally I think they were the best defensive line that we faced last year. Dockett and Womble along with their backups will be tough and that is why we need to have a good week of practice before the game.

Do you think people are writing you off because of the loss to Frank Gore?

To be honest I don't even know. It doesn't even matter if people are writing us off. We are going to come out and play Miami ball and that's what we do every year. If people want to write us off, they can write us off, but watch the game on Saturday.

Do you like being an underdog in the game?

Being an underdog, the other team might overlook you. It gives you the opportunity to step it up and show them up. But we are not going into the game thinking about if we are up or down. We are just going to go in there and play like we have been playing all year.

Is there a concern with Jason Geathers moving from wide receiver to tailback?

I don't think so. I personally love Jason Geathers even when he is at wide receiver. But when he is at running back I love the way he plays. Last year against Florida State he scored the winning touchdown. He was an all-American running back in high school.

Do you guys believe in Jarrett's ability to get the job done?

He stepped in last week and he has been doing that all season for us. Now that he is going to be getting more time he has been in the film room more and he is doing than he can do to be a better player.

What are Jarrett's strongest assets as a running back?

He is hard-nosed. You can tell when he is in there than he is running full speed. When he gets tackle he jumps right back up. You get excited as an offensive lineman when he gets up all excited after just a four or five yard gain. It is not like he went for 30 yards. It gets you jacked that you want to block for him the next time.

Can the team be successful if you are throwing the ball as much as you have been or do you need a better balance?

We have had a good running game for the past three years and I think that is what we are trying to base our game around. Now that we have a shotgun offense with Brock, we can do both. As long as we keep them off balance we will be all right.

Do you think its fair for Brock to be booed at home?

Sitting up in the stands and watching the game on TV is a whole different perspective than playing in the game and having to make the reads that he makes and seeing the blitzes. When watching the film he doesn't do that bad of a job. When you attempt 54 passes you are going to have a couple bad throws. The fans do not understand that or what we are trying to do with our offense. If they want to boo, they can boo. But we are still going to do what we are going to do.

Do you believe it affects him or the team?

No we don't hear it on the sideline. We are concentrating on what we are doing. We are not going to pay attention of what is going on outside of the field.

Does everybody feel they will be able to take their game to the next level?

Everybody knows we are going to take it to the next level. We know how to talk about it. Everyone has already stepped it up. We are not going to have a day off this week and go right through.

You don't want any game to come down to the final drive, but how confident are you in Brock and the offense to get it done on the final drive?

Our two-minute offense has been pretty good the last two years and obviously this year. We have faith in our ability and as long as we continue to have faith we will be able to perform in the two-minute offense without the defense having much say in the matter. But we are going to try and go out there and make a statement so it does not come down to the last two minutes.

Was their total confidence in the huddle during at the end of the Florida and West Virginia games?

The games that we have had, no one is ever like, ‘we are going to lose this game.' It is always like ‘we are going to go down there and score.'

Joel [Rodriguez] said that Brock was smiling in the huddle, is that true?

Yeah. That is one of the good attributes about Brock. Whenever it is a tight situation, like if we are back at our own five, he comes to the huddle laughing and joking around to get your mind off the game. It gets you to relax and concentrate on what we are doing out there. You need that in the huddle. Whenever things are going hectic you need someone to remind you it is just a game and to go out there and have fun.

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