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Kevin Beard is a senior wide receiver from Plantation and is third on the team in receiving yards and receptions. Last year against Florida State, Beard scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter to set the stage for the comeback victory. Beard was a key component in Miami's comeback victory over Florida this year and prides himself on playing well in big-time games.

What is so special about the Florida State rivalry?

Every year you relive the tradition. You talk to the guys that have been here and played in it. It is exciting and I think that is why a lot of people come to the University of Miami or go to Florida State University. They dream of playing in it.

Is their defense the best that you have seen since you have been here?

Most definitely. They have a lot of guys from last year. They returned nine out of 11 starters from last year and they have a lot of back-up guys that got a lot of time last year.

Do you relish you the role as an underdog?

The critics are going to say what they want to say. The media is going to say what they are going to say. The game is going to be played on Saturday at 12:00 between the lines and the chips are going to fall where they may.

How does Doak Cambpell compare to the other stadiums that you have played in?

It is in the top one or two. At Virginia Tech three years ago during my sophomore season it was the loudest stadium that I ever played against. One thing I learned about playing at Doak Cambpell is they (the fans) are going to be in the game no matter how bad it is looking for them (the team). Their fans are going to stay in it and try and keep their (the players) energy up.

Do you feel the team has something to prove given the circumstances of the last game in particular and with the way the season is going?

We don't have anything to prove. What we have to prove is to ourselves that we can play towards our goals of getting to the National Championship. We really don't have anything to prove to anyone else other than ourselves. We know what we can do and we know what we are capable of doing. When the time comes, everyone else will see.

What will it take to beat Florida State?

You have to play a whole four quarters from start to finish. Cut back on a lot of mentals and penalties. The most important thing is to avoid turnovers. We averaged over one turnover per game and probably eight to 10 penalties per game. It is just little things that will beat you.

Right or wrong Brock has been under some criticism, as receivers do you burden some of that responsibility?

Yes most definitely. We don't look at it as pointing fingers. You are going to get the job done and sometimes you are not. It's your business to make a point of getting the job done every chance you have the opportunity. That is how we are going to do it. There is no pointing the fingers and there is no ‘I' in team. We are a team. When one person makes a mistake the whole team makes a mistake.

There are a lot of younger guys on this team, as a veteran how important is it to keep them on an even-keel in a tough environment like Tallahassee?

We don't need to keep them on an even-keel at all. I think these guys grew up watching these games. I think they know the importance of the game and they are ready for it.

Can you talk about the sacrifice that Jason Geathers has made for this team in switching positions?

He is ready. There is no question about it. No one on the team questions him, they know he is ready. He is going to be ready to play when the clock starts.

What kind of running back is Geathers?

I think he is more of a smooth back. He reminds me of Eddie George. He can shake you, bake you and run you over. He has that speed and power which makes him a great running back.

What kind of running back is Jarrett Payton?

He has that quickness. He has really good feet and has a lot of power. He has been doing well for us. With both of them (Payton and Geathers) back there, it will really be something.

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