FSU Post Game Quotes

Following an impressive performance by the Hurricanes in a 22-14 victory over Florida State for the fourth straight time we caught up with several of the players after the game to get their reaction.

DE John Square

(Thoughts on the game)
"I thought we came to play. We pointed out things from the last game and we came out and did what we wanted to do on special teams, defense and offense."

(Defensive line performance)
"I thought we did a good job of stopping the run and making them throw the ball. We did a good job applying pressure all game."

(Personal evaluation)
"I think I did a good job. It was a little cold out there but I tired to stay warm on the sideline."

WR Kevin Beard

(Thoughts on the game)
"I think we played good. Florida State is always a tough game and we didn't pay attention to the underdog stuff. We just wanted to come out and play the way we knew we could play."

(Evaluation on the receivers' performance)
"We did not do particularly well. We could have played better. It was tough out there with the field conditions. We wanted to pick it up after Roscoe (Parrish) got hurt."

(On being a senior and not losing to Florida State in your career)
"It's great. Going 4-0 against Florida State is something I will always remember. Not too many people can say they have done that."

P Brian Monroe

(Evaluation of the special teams)
"I thought we had a good game. We did a good job on coverages and we made some big plays."

(On the trouble with kickoffs)
"The field was pretty wet and I had trouble with my steps. I have longer steps and had a hard time changing them. Luckily we have (Mark) Gent and he came in and did a good job. It was easier for him to adjust because he has shorter steps.

(On punting in the weather conditions)
"It was not a problem. With punting, the field does not make a difference. I felt I did a good job punting."

LB Darrell McClover

(Thoughts on the game)
"We played together as a team on offense, defense and special teams. We put the underdog stuff behind us and came out to play."

(Evaluation of special teams)
"We are having a good time out there. We have a lot of guys who like to play special teams and we get after it."

(On having a larger role during his senior season)
"It is a dream come true. I am just trying to do what I can to help the team. I have been working hard during practice and just hope to do what I can.

DE Baraka Atkins

(Evaluation of defensive line)
"I thought we did a good job applying pressure to the quarterback and stopping the run. We could have had more sacks, but we did get him a few times."

(How frustrating was it when Chris Rix was flushed out of the pocket and gained yards)
"It is real frustrating. Everyone could be doing their job and he would just take off for positive yardage. But we just got back and ready to go for the next play."

(The defensive line as a unit this year)
"We have done a good job, but we could have a lot more sacks. I know personally I feel I have the quarterback quite a bit. We just have to keep working hard and they will come."

K Jon Peattie

(Explanation of the first field goal)
"When I came out to warm up before the game the field was not that bad. I used my regular approach and did not have any problems. When I came out to kick that field goal the field was wetter than before the game. I took my same approach and my plant foot slipped. I knew it was a terrible kick when I left my foot."

(Approach to kicking after the first miss)
"I did not want to let my teammates down. I knew it was pointless if they would move the ball and get in scoring position and not get any points out of it. I took a different approach and knew I had to make each kick after the first one."

CB Alfonso Marshall

(Thoughts on the game)
"We didn't listen to the critics who said we were underdogs and could not get the job done. We wanted to prove to people that we could win this game and we did."

(Evaluation of the secondary)
"I thought we did a good job of shutting down their receivers. We did not allow them to make very many catches and their quarterback did not have have a good completion percent."

(Explaining the injury)
"I got my finger cut in between a couple of helmets when making a tackle. I was able to come back in and I'll be alright."

CB Kelly Jennings

(Evaluation of the secondary)
"I think we did a good job. They have good receivers who are capable of making big plays. We did a good job containing them."

(Explanation of the big play catch by Craphonso Thorpe)
"I let him get behind me and I could not see the ball coming. They called pass interference but I did not touch the guy."

(On the big tackle at the line of scrimmage on a flare pass)
"It felt good hitting someone like that, but he I think I could have hit him harder. He stayed on his feet so it wasn't a great hit."

C Joel Rodriguez

(Offensive line performance)
"I thought we did a great job. We have struggled in the past games but I think we did a good job of establishing the running game. The coaches talked about the importance of the run and luckily we were able to execute."

(Importance of first down)
"We did a good job of running the ball on first down. We wanted to make sure that we got positive yardage or at worst case get back to the line of scrimmage. We did not want to be in second or third and long situations."

(Feeling of beating Florida State)
"Its great. We practiced extremely hard and we came out and got the win. This is the game we all wanted and it was good that we came out and played the way we are capable of playing."

LB Jonathan Vilma

(Has there been a key to beating Florida State the last four times?)
"No not really. We just come out and play. We all want to win this game and fortunately we have."

(What it means to go unbeaten against Florida State for your career)
"It is a good feeling. I am glad I wont be playing them anymore and I am glad that I went undefeated against them."

(On stopping the run game)
"We came into the game knowing that we had to stop the run and we did. We were able to stop (Greg) Jones and the rest of their backs. That was a key for our defense."

TB Jarrett Payton

(Thoughts on the game)
"It was a great game. It showed a lot of people what we are capable of doing. We knew we were good but we had to go out and prove it. We played hard and the defense made some great plays."

(Feeling of your first career start)
"I showed people today I can play in those big games. This is the most exciting day. I can't wait to get on the bus and call my mommy. My dad is with me all the time and I think he was very excited too."

(On the offense line)
"They did a great job of opening holes for me to run through. Once I got past the line of scrimmage I just kept running hard to gain more yards."

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