Coker Teleconference Recap

Larry Coker's recap from the Big East Teleconference on October 13. Coker discussed the Florida State game, the intensity of the team, Greg Threat and the addition of Boston College to the ACC. The next game for the Hurricanes is against Temple on October 18.

(Opening comments on the Florida State game and the upcoming game against Temple)

It was obviously a great win for us against Florida State on the road in tough weather conditions and in front of a record crowd. It was a very, very big win for us and our team played hard.

We have great respect for Bobby Wallace and his staff in the job they do at Temple. They have good facilities and a new stadium. They have a lot of positive things going on at Temple. I think the thing you notice with temple is that it is always a tough game. We are back in the Big East conference and back at home.

(Players ability to play up or down to the opponent, is there a way to address that)

You really don't like that as a coach. You would like to play the same way every Saturday. Again, that is a difficult thing to do. It's hard to address. I wish I had the secret to that. Its frustrated for a coach to not play well one week then come out and play well against a top-five team. Somehow we have to realize that in order to be a good football team we have to turn that level up every week we play.

(Playing at a high-level every week)

You hear a lot of things how good an opponent is. You can hear how good Florida State is and get up for that game. Also, you can hear how a team is struggling and talk yourself down a level. I really think you should play at a high-level every week. I am not saying that it should be a Florida State frenzy each week but you should be sufficient every week.

(Thoughts on Boston College decision to join the ACC)

It caught me by surprise. I haven't talked to their president. I just heard the information by television. I haven't given it a lot of thought. We have enjoyed our relationship with Boston College. Tom O'Brien is a terrific coach and Boston College is a terrific institution. I'm not trying to patronize them but I think they would be a great addition for the ACC or any league.

(Greg Threat in stepping for Maurice Sikes)

It was outstanding. He wanted to play well in Tallahassee. I was surprised how well he played from the standpoint that he had been away from the game for a while. He is a mature young man and kept himself into the game mentally. He has excellent size and tackled well. He had a good game.

(The job that the offensive line did against Florida State)

We have a lot of new guys in new positions. They play with a lot of intensity. Kehoe has done a great job with them. This is the third week that they have played well together. You need a lot of communication within the offensive line and people working together. They played hard and finished.

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