Brian Monroe Q&A

Brian Monroe is a freshman punter from Palm Beach Gardens. Monroe has been handling the punting duties and has assumed the majority of the kickoff duties as well. In the last two games, Monroe is averaging 41.3 yards per punt. Monroe was a highly touted punter/kicker in high school and was a two-time winner of the top punter/kicker in high school football awarded by the Palm Beach County Sports Association.

How is your freshman season going so far?

Its good, I feel. The first couple games were nerve-wracking. I wasn't comfortable then, but now I feel real comfortable.

How much have you improved since high school?

I think I have improved a lot with height and how I have been getting the ball off.

Is there anything in particular that you are continuing to work on?

I have been working on my drop a lot. I need to be more consistent. Right now I am not as consistent of a punter as I should be. I feel if I am more consistent I can be one of the best punters in the country.

When you punt the ball, are you looking to make a tackle if you have to?

I would most like to punt the ball and have my team down there to make them fair catch it. But if it comes down to it, I am willing to make a tackle. They aren't boys anymore like in high school, they are men. I would most likely get run over a couple times but I'm still willing to put my body in front of them if I have to.

How close have you been to making a tackle this year?

I have been close to about two or three on kickoffs, but not any on punts yet.

What was in like playing cornerback in high school?

I liked it a lot, it was fun. For the first three years I just kicked and punted. Then in my senior season my coach asked me if I could play cornerback. I thought it was a lot of fun.

How is your relationship with kicker Jon Peattie?

Over the last couple weeks we have been a lot closer. When I first came in, I knew him as the guy battling for the kicking job with (Mark) Gent. The first game against Louisiana Tech, we were roommates and we became pretty close. We are pretty good friends right now and we'll probably be close all four years here.

Is there anyone on the team that you like to watch play?

I like watching Sean (Taylor) and Kellen (Winslow). They are the more explosive players on the field. They are more of the colorful players on the field. They will show their attitude and I think they are fun to watch.

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