Still Teammates

Wide receiver Sinorice Moss and cornerback Glenn Sharpe were high school teammates at Miami Carol City Senior High School. Moss and Sharpe are cousins and graduated from Carol City in 2002.

The duo led the Chiefs to a 10-2 record and advanced to the regional semifinals during their senior season. Moss and Sharpe are in their sophomore seasons at the University of Miami and have been key reserves in the Hurricanes' success.

Moss has played in all six games and has caught three passes for 46 yards. He has battled through off-season ankle surgery and a sprained ankle during fall practices to contribute on the field for the Hurricanes.

"The surgery hindered me a lot," Moss said. "I couldn't practice with the team. I had to do a lot of rehab. It was a very slow progress and very aggravating on some days. I did what I had to do to get back on the field. Its fine now."

"Right now the season is going very well," Moss said. "We are undefeated. Being a young player I am just trying to learn the plays more and getting more action on the field and doing what I have to do the best that I can to help the team win. I feel very comfortable with the plays and the Miami offense."

Sharpe has also dealt with an injury in the off-season injuring his hamstring and missing the majority of fall practices. He missed the first two games due to his hamstring injury, but is receiving more playing time as the season has progressed.

"This season is going fine," Sharpe said. "So far it was little disappointing being hurt and not getting to play in the first two games. I haven't been playing that much and I am trying to get back in the mix. For me the season hasn't been going too well, but I am going to continue to work hard and hopefully I can get on the field. I feel I have improved. I feel I have gotten my footwork back and my stamina. Its just a matter of working hard enough to get back on the field."

Moss knows what kind of player Sharpe is and goes up against him in practice at times.

"He plays very aggressive," Moss said. "When he's out on the field he wants to tug on you and tackle you. He's very rough with you on the field. Off the field he's a very nice guy. We like to chill and hang out."

Moss remembers one game in high school that really stood out in his mind when Sharpe shined on the field.

"Glenn and I started at receiver when we got to Carol City," Moss said. "When Glenn was a sophomore he switched over to safety. I already knew he had the speed and hands to catch the ball. There was one game we played against Piper High School in the second round or first round of the playoffs and Sharpe intercepted four balls and ran back two for touchdowns. That was very impressive. Being just a tenth-grader a lot of people didn't think he could do it. He went out there and showed he could."

Sharpe has nothing but good things to say about Moss as well.

"He's fast, has good footwork, nice hands and his routes are crisp," Sharpe said. "Just an all-around great receiver. The only thing people might point to is his height, but his quickness and agility make up for it. He's a good receiver.

Not only did Moss impress Sharpe when he saw him play in high school, but also he was even impressed hearing about the plays he made.

"He made a lot of plays in high school," Sharpe said. "I remember one play in high school our quarterback threw the ball up and there are four guys covering him. I'm on the sideline thinking ‘oh man, no way he is going to make that catch.' I turned my head and I hear ‘oooh' and I hear the crowd go wild. I looked back and they said Sinorice just made a catch and scored a touchdown. He made a lot spectacular catches and had a very good senior year."

Moss and Sharpe had the luxury of playing for the legendary Walt Frazier. Frazier's teams have been ranked number one in 10 different years and leads Miami-Dade County active coaches with 185 wins. Currently Carol City is ranked number one in 6A with a 6-0 record.

"That experience was great," Moss said. "My high school years were wonderful. In high school it was a running school and I just had to be patient and wait my turn. It was a little aggravating knowing that I could do and I could do that, but I just had to be patient and when the time came I made big plays for the team. I had the opportunity to play under the great Walt Frazier. Frazier is a great coach who is always there for his players. He looked after us and told us what we had to do to be a great football team. I talk to him when I get a chance. I saw him last week before they had practice. I talked with him for a while. He talked with me about the season and what other players on the team were doing."

"My high school days had a lot good games," Sharpe said. "Our biggest rival was probably Northwestern or even Plantation. Plantation knocked us out of the playoffs two straight years. Northwestern was big because we were all from the same neighborhood. Coach Frazier is a wonderful coach and he stresses discipline. He teaches his kids to be prepared for life. He motivates you a lot and he prepares you to be a man. That is what I like about him the most. I go back to the school and see him. I try to keep in touch with the coaches. We don't talk on the phone, but there is no problem with me going back to the school and saying hi to him, sitting down and talking with him. He loves to talk to his players and I love to talk to him."

Both players were recruited by other schools and had options to leave the area. They consulted with each other before making a final decision on their school.

"I knew it was Miami all the way," Moss said. "Other schools contacted me and offered me scholarships. We wanted to be together. He (Sharpe) would ask me ‘are you sure you're going?' I was like ‘yes, I am waiting for you.'

Moss and Sharpe enjoy being around their families and look for them for advice about anything. Moss is the younger brother of former Hurricane standout Santana Moss. The two keep in touch regularly.

"He inspired me," Moss said. "Growing up as a young boy going to the park and playing football. He would show me different ways to run routes. A lot of people don't know that I played running back when I was younger. He was mostly a receiver and showed me things when I switched to receiver in high school. He told me about different ways to use my speed in certain situations. I have learned a lot from him and I am still learning. I talk to him every night and my other brother Lloyd, who is a senior at Carol City. We talk and see how each other did each day in practice."

"My parents are always there for me," Moss said. "They are always there for all of us. They give us words of encouragement. They will laugh and joke about things too."

"Every chance we get, we like to go home and visit our family," Sharpe said. "We mostly go to the movies and just chill."

What else do these football players like to do for fun? You guessed it, play football on the PlayStation2.

"We play video games a lot," Moss said. "We play Madden and he likes to beat me (laughing). I don't like the PlayStation too much. I used to play racecar games, but he always beats me in Madden. I like to play with the Green Bay Packers. I love the Green Bay Packers. Glenn switches it up every now and again, but he likes being the Eagles or the Steelers."

Sinorice, you don't play your brother's squad, the Jets?

"No, not that much (laughing)."

Glenn sees the video game rivalry a lot like Sinorice does.

"I pretty much got his number in Madden (laughing)," Sharpe said. "Most of the football games are close until the end and I just pull away. I don't know why it always works like that. Most of the time he gets mad and he doesn't want to play anymore after two games. I ask him ‘why don't you want to play anymore?' He just says ‘man, because I don't.' And you can just tell on his face he's just mad because I keep beating him."

It is clear to see that these two enjoy being around each other and for Hurricane fans, it's good they enjoy playing football on the same team.

Christopher Stock is a Staff Columnist for CanesTime and can be contacted by emailing him at

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