Tatum Remains Committed, But....

Jupiter's Emmitt Tatum committed to Miami following their summer camp back in late June. He remains committed to the Hurricanes, but a certain Big 10 school has been trying to change his mind lately. Tatum talked about that and their chances in this exclusive interview with grassy.com.

At 6-foot-5 and 310, Jupiter's Emmitt Tatum has played in four games so far this season. Offensively, he has 32 pancake blocks this season. He'll start going both ways again this week. Inside the classroom, Tatum has a 2.2 GPA and will try to bring his SAT score of 680 up when he re-takes it on Oct 13.

Which schools have been calling you this month: Just Miami and Wisconsin.

Are you still committed to the University of Miami: Oh, yes sir. Definitely.

What's Miami talking about: Coach Kehoe has called a couple times. He basically told me to keep my grades up, have a great season, and stay healthy.

Talk about Miami's season: I watched Penn State and Pittsburgh. They look real good. The offensive line continues to be aggressive, they can really dominate. I'd just like to see them become more tenacious, have that attitude to destroy everyone like they had last year.

What's up with Wisconsin: They started calling me this month. They've called a few times as well. They say basically the same things as Miami. I haven't told him that I'm committed to Miami, but he probably knows. I just can't see myself going that far away.

What about official visits: I'm going to visit Miami for sure, but I dont have a date scheduled yet. It'll probably be after the season. I thought about visiting some other ones, but I'm not sure now. Wisconsin talked about it, but like I said, I dont have anything scheduled.

Personally, I think Tatum will remain firm on Miami. I watched his game against Pope John Paul and Tatum looked very impressive. He's doing a much better job getting to linebackers and is playing with a passion. Wisconsin might pose a threat, but as long as we continue recruiting him, I dont see them making a whole lot of noise. Tatum seems very firm on the Hurricanes and his commitment to Coach Kehoe.

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