Temple Locker Room Report

The Miami Hurricanes defeated the Temple Owls 52-14 in an impressive fashion. Miami held Temple to just 21 yards passing for the game. The Miami quarterbacks, Brock Berlin and Derrick Crudup combined for 22 of 33 passing and 259 yards with two touchdowns. Reserve freshman Tyrone Moss led the rushing attack with 135 yards on 15 carries.

Jarrett Payton also had a good day rushing for 115 yards on 16 carries scoring two touchdowns. D.J. Williams had the most impressive play of the day with a 61-yard run on a fake punt for a touchdown. A lot of the reserve players played in today's game and some of them shared their thoughts on the game in the locker room.

LB Leon Williams

(Thoughts on the game)
We played great as a team. We started off slow but we came on in the end.

(How do you think the defense played today)
The defense did all right. We did a good job stopping the run and put pressure on the quarterback.

(How do you think you played today)
My goal is to get better each game and I think I did good today. There are some things I could have done better though.

(What was it like being in there for more plays than usual)
I prepared all week and knew what they were going to do. I just made adjustments on there and reacted.

(Thoughts on Virginia Tech)
We are just going to go out there and play Miami ball against Virginia Tech.

TE Brandon Sebald

(Thoughts on the game)
I think we played great. Offensively we did great scoring six touchdowns, which is a huge step forward. As a team we are playing better on defense, offense, and special teams.

(Improvement of the offense)
As far as the passing game our coaches challenged us. The receivers stepped up and we were pretty good on third down percentage.

(Being involved on the goal-line touchdown)
For me I just love getting out there and blocking especially what I've been through with the sickness. It's just great to be able to play again. I'll do anything to help the team win.

(Thoughts on Virginia Tech)
Actually I haven't seen them play yet this year. I haven't seen any film but I know they're undefeated. I think we'll be all right. We are going to play hard and try and beat them.

OL Tony Tella

(How the offense did today)
I think the offense did real good today. We came out a little slow but then we got on track. We ran the ball real good. Our running backs and receivers made big plays.

(How important is it for the second string offense to move the ball like you did)
We are a real disciplined team. It was important for us to get in there and move the ball like the ones did. We are told all the time in practice to practice like ones. When we get in there we got the job done.

(Personal evaluation)
I feel I did real well on doing my job. I made a couple mistakes, but overall I think I did a pretty good job.

(Evaluation of the offensive line)
I think the offensive line did a good job. We are really starting to gel as an offensive line.

WR Sinorice Moss

(Walk us through the big play that you made and your thoughts on it)
When I first got lined up I really didn't it was going my way because we had an under route coming underneath me. But when Derrick Crudup threw it to me I just made sure I made the catch and then I saw guys coming at me so I made a move. I made a move to the outside and wanted to score a touchdown and I did, but there was a block in the back. I just felt I had a chance to show people what I could do.

(Evaluation on the wide receivers)
As receivers I think we did real good. We came out and ran good routes. The quarterbacks threw the ball well. We had a couple missed chances though.

(Evaluation of the performance of quarterbacks Brock Berlin and Derrick Crudup)
I think they played real well. I think Brock played one of his best games today. As soon as Derrick game in we moved the ball real well too. Overall they both did real good.

(Thoughts on the defense)
The defense did real well today also.

WR Ryan Moore

(Evaluation of the offense)
I think we played well as far as executing our plays, but we had too many penalties. We got to touch up on that a bit.

(Receivers performance)
The receivers did pretty good without Roscoe in there. Guys like Devin Hester stepped up and played well. Those guys came in, played hard and stepped up.

(Evaluation of the Temple secondary)
They are a little undersized but we tried to come out there and jump on them every play.

(Thoughts on Virginia Tech)
We are going to go there and play hard.

LB Tavares Gooden

(How was it out there today)
Florida State who is the only team that can match our speed. When we play everybody else, they are not as fast as us. It feels like everything is in slow motion. We are able to run down there so fast and make a play.

(How hard is it adjust to the slower speed and how soon do you notice it)
As soon as you run. If you run down and your first couple of strides you are already on someone's back side. You think ‘I might as well run around him because he hasn't even turned around yet.' You just run right by him, split the wedge and make a play.

(How was the kickoff coverage today)
On special teams I think we played well. Coaches were telling us to be hyped up. You probably saw us out there jumping around before the kickoff. I think that kind of intimidates the other team and at the same time it gets us hyped up to go down there and blow something up.

(When did the jumping around start)
It seems like we just started doing that; me, Roger (McIntosh), Leon (Williams) and Carl Walker. I just started saying a beat and just started jumping around. After a while, I guess we just do that every week now.

(Performance of the defense)
We had a mental breakdown but that occurs like everyone's defense. We are going to correct those things and be a better defense. I think D.J. played well scoring on that big touchdown run. I think all of our defensive players are making plays and showing what they can do.

OL Joe McGrath

(Evaluation of offensive line)
I think we did really well except for the penalties. The penalties are avoidable but other than that I think we did really well. We rushed for over 300 yards and the quarterbacks had a lot of time back there.

(How did it feel to play in your first game this year after missing the beginning of the season due to your injury)
It felt good. I was a little fatigued. In practice I haven't been going full practices, but I am trying to get back into it. In practice I would only go four or five reps at a time, but in the game we would have 12-play drives and it's a lot different.

(How are the younger offensive linemen progressing)
They are doing a good job. They are not making too many mistakes and are picking up on things quickly. They are doing a good job with effort. You could tell when the ones went off they were still able to move the ball and it showed a lot for those guys.

QB Derrick Crudup

(How the offense clicked when you went out there)
I think we did great. We moved the ball downfield, got first downs, and we were real efficient out there. We made plays and it was a good feeling.

(What was that feeling like personally that the offense was clicking under your direction)
It felt great. It felt great to be out there and make some plays. I felt real great out there like I was on another level.

(Overall evaluation of the team)
The team did great. Everyone came together. We started slow out there, but we came out and played hard.

TE Kevin Everett

(How the offense did today)
I think we did pretty good other than the false starts and the holding. But overall, I think we did pretty good. We scored more points than we usually do. Basically we are getting better every game.

(What that felt like for you scoring that touchdown after near misses for scores earlier in the year)
It felt good. I am just trying to do my part. It was past due for that touchdown. I felt kind of relieved. It was nice that they finally gave me the ball.

RB Tyrone Moss

(How the offense did today)
We did good. We scored a lot points today and we got the job done. The offensive line did a good job of blocking.

(Personal evaluation of how you played)
I think I did pretty good, but I think I could have played much better. I just went out there and tried to play my best.

(Talk about your big run)
It was the offensive line doing. They made the big blocks and executed the play very well. I just basically ran.

(Thoughts on Virginia Tech)
No not really. We are going to treat this like any other opponent.

Christopher Stock is a Staff Columnist for CanesTime and can be contacted by emailing him at stock@grassy.com.

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