WR/DB Talks Recruiting

At 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds, McIntosh Nicolas is one of the fastest players in the entire state this year. Hes using that speed to his advantage this season.

"I've been playing both ways and just having fun out there," Nicolas said. "I don't even know all my stats but I know we're having a good year."

Nicolas, who has helped his team to a 5-2 start this season, said he's not sure what position he'll play in college.

"Most of the schools say that I could play on either side," he said. "Some may prefer receiver, some may prefer corner. It doesn't matter to me, whatever gets me on the field."

Nicolas is hoping to lead his team to a state title before going into track season, where he'll have another major goal.

"I'm trying to defend my track title," he said. "I won the 100 once and the 200 twice. I'm going all the way this year."

The talented athlete has already taken two official visits and will take three more.

"I've already been to LSU and Michigan State," he said. "They were tight. LSU, they had a big stadium and the people were real loud. I couldn't even hear the person next to me. I was chillin with Mike McIntosh and some other cat from Florida. Michigan State, it was nice too. It's different than LSU."

Nicolas said he already has a pretty good idea on which other programs will get visits.

"I haven't set them up yet but they'll probably be Florida State, Michigan, and Florida," he said. "That may change but that's what it is for now. They've all asked me to set one up."

The talented WR/DB is also thinking about Miami but the Hurricanes haven't been recruiting him as hard as the others lately.

"I like Miami a lot too," he said, "but I'm not getting many calls from them. I've barely heard from them lately so I guess they're waiting on other guys or something. Because of that, I'm not big on them. If they started showing interest again, they'd definitely be one of my choices but not now."

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