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Santonio Thomas is a junior defensive tackle from Glades Central High School. Last year Thomas received a medical redshirt after suffering a season-ending shoulder injury against Florida. This year Thomas is enjoying a solid season with 19 tackles and leading the defensive linemen in pass breakups. He took time to discuss the upcoming game against Virginia Tech, his nickname and the ‘young' defensive linemen.

Explain how you got the nickname ‘Fats'.

I got it when I was young because I was always a bigger kid. It has stuck and everybody on the team calls me Fats.

What are your thoughts on the Virginia Tech game?

We are just going to go into the game like Virginia Tech is still undefeated. We control our own destiny. Virginia Tech has a lot of good players that can knock us off. We just have to prepare ourselves to stay undefeated.

What are your thoughts on Virginia Tech quarterback Bryan Randall?

He is a good quarterback. You have to tackle him and bring him to the ground. You can't just use your arms to tackle him.

What are some keys for the defensive line in the game?

You just have to get push in the back and keep playing hard all game.

What kind of challenge is it for the defensive line going up against a team that runs the option?

It's not a challenge. You just have to play our technique, get up the field, and hit them before they get started.

How do you think the defense is doing so far this season?

I think we are doing pretty good, but we can still get better each week. We need to eliminate mistakes.

How is the rotation working with you, Vince Wilfork, and Orien Harris?

Vince and Orien get the first two series. Then I come in and get the next three. Then we keep going back and forth.

How does the shuffle of the tackles work?

When I come in, Orien moves over to the right side. Then when Vince comes in, he gets his spot back. I just play the left side.

How is Vince's season going this year?

It's going great. Coaches say he is doing a lot of great things on the field. Seeing him on film he is doing a lot of great things. He is just having fun out there.

What are your thoughts on the current regular season win streak at 39 games?

It means a lot. I'm not used to losing games. I don't really know what losing feels like. I don't want to get used to it.

How many games did you lose when you were in high school?


How are the younger defensive linemen coming along?

They aren't young any more. We are seven games into the season. Everybody is old right now.

Are you old?

Yeah (laughing).

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