Larry Coker Press Conference

By Larry Coker's standards, he was pretty upset at our performance against Troy State. Coach addresses some questions on the Troy Sate game as well as a look ahead to the big game next week at Florida State.

"I broke a little sweat like every body else. I didn't think we played with a lot of emotion and we didn't finish the game as well as I expected." said Coker. "We have better players than this and we can't just go out there and show no emotion or confidence."

When asked about the penalties Coker replied "we have to eliminate the penalties, if we would have played a better team on Saturday we would have lost. I think we're a good football team, but we'll find out of we are a great football team next Saturday."

Asked whether the 'Canes were overconfident yesterday, Coker added "I hope not, if they were it is my fault. We should have been better prepared yesterday because our goal is to be the best football team at the end of the season."

As for his thoughts on upcoming opponent Florida State, Coker said "We're going to have to play good football in every series, basically. We are going to have to show up with our 'A' game."

Ken Dorsey also addressed the media regarding the Troy State game. "I think Troy State threw us off with a couple of blitzes we didn't expect but we adjusted well." said Dorsey.

"They came out with a good game plan, and are well coached. They have good players and they went at their level so we expected a good game from them." Dorsey added.

"I think we did a good job at making our opportunities count." said Dorsey. "Obviously we got off to a rocky start. I don't think we were overlooking them at all."

When asked about being pulled out of the game while sitting on 299 yards passing Dorsey responded "I don't have a problem being taken out. We moved the ball well with Derrick in there."

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