Big-Time DL Has UM in Top 3

Oak Creek, Wisc. standout defensive end Rhyan Anderson is currently enjoying an excellent senior season. "We're two games away from winning the state championship," Anderson said.

"Teams are doing whatever they can to double team me, run away from me, basically anything to take me out of the play. The thing is, though, it hasn't been frustrating. Football is a team game and we've had other guys stepping up and we're winning and that's what matters most to me."

Anderson, who stands 6-foot-5, has trimmed down to roughly 250 pounds in recent months.

"I was up to around 265 at one point there but now I'm down around 250," he said. "That's what I wanna be for when I start lifting in the offseason. I probably wanna leave here about 270 but cut up with no fat."

Anderson, a full academic qualifier, received exciting news recently.

"The University of Florida offered me yesterday," he said. "That made me really happy. I like them a lot. I'm going down there for a visit when they play Florida State. That's the only one I got set up for now."

When asked which other programs are on his current list of favorites, Anderson mentioned two more.

"I know for sure that I'll visit Miami and also Southern Cal," he said. "Those are the only three that I know for sure. They all talk to me each week and I have offers from all of them. Miami and USC offered me a few months ago."

Recent reports have indicated that perhaps Oklahoma was the team to beat. He was asked if the Sooners are also on his list.

"Yeah, I guess so," he said. "I'm not sure right now, though. They have a good team. I actually used to live there. It was a good college town. After my top three, I'm not sure who else. Oklahoma, Wisconsin, maybe Ohio State."

The talented defensive lineman said he's had a chance to watch some college football games in recent weeks.

"I watched Miami get beat," he said. "I was like, 'man, I can't believe this.' Their defense was tight but the offense struggled and everyone has to lose sometime. It's not often that Miami loses and that's what I like. I'm used to winning and that's what I want to keep doing."

Anderson said he talks to several UM coaches on a regular basis.

"I talk to different coaches from Miami every week," he said. "I've talked to Coach Coker too. They just tell me they want me and that I can visit. We just have to set that up. They were telling me about how they're moving guys around on the D-Line this week. They want me to play end and I think I can play with those guys. I just gotta work hard."

Anderson said he'll focus even more on recruiting after the season.

"Until I take my visits, it's kinda hard to tell even myself who my favorite is," he said. "I'll visit Florida, Miami, and Southern Cal and maybe more and then I'll be able to know."

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