Tennessee Locker Room Report

The Miami Hurricanes suffered their second straight defeat of the season falling to Tennessee 10-6. The Hurricanes dropped to 7-2 on the season. After the game I met up with some of the players in the locker room. As you can imagine the locker room was a tough place to be after the game.

Some guys were in and out quicker than normal. Other guys were slamming their lockers and others were real quiet. But one thing was for certain; you knew the Hurricanes lost the game by the feeling in the locker room. I was able to catch up and talk with some of the players. Others declined comments. Here is what a few players had to say.

TB Jarrett Payton

On offense did it feel that at times you would make one step forward and two steps back?

We can't have penalties. With long drives you cant have penalties against good teams. Also the turnovers will kill you. When you have drives like that and you drive all the way down the field and don't score touchdowns, it's discouraging.

What are your thoughts on the quarterback situation?

I don't know. That's up to the head man. I don't have any favoritism towards either of them. Whatever they decide I am going to go with. I just want us to get on track. Someone has to step up. One of them has to step up. I feel like the team has to be behind the coaches' decision. The man upstairs is making all that money to make decisions on who will play. He has done a good job and that is his decision. What I want is it to win. Whoever they want at quarterback, that's who I am running with. That's how our offense is. If Kyle Wright is in the game, we are going with Kyle Wright. If they want me at quarterback, then they have to roll with me.

You haven't had two losses in a year since you have been here, is that going to be tough?

I haven't had two losses before. I wont know what it really feels until tomorrow. It will be tough to bounce back. But we will be able to do it; we still have games to play.

Was the team ever frustrated in the game with how things were going or did they remain positive that things were going to turn around?

I know I didn't get frustrated. I know that we had another series after a bad series so we just had to keep going out there to fight.

FB Quadtrine Hill

What are your thoughts on the game?

It is a big disappointment. We had too many penalties and mistakes. It was very frustrating.

How would you assess the running backs performance today?

I think we did okay. We could have played a lot better. We didn't play up to our capabilities.

WR Devin Hester

What are your thoughts on the game?

There were a lot of penalties that hurt us. It was hard for us to recover especially the ones late in the game. The penalties hurt us and we should have stayed focused and kept our heads in the game. We tried hard to win, but the penalties just hurt us. That's the only thing that hurts us.

How bad does this loss hurt?

I can't even explain it. Just looking at some of these faces around here is tough.

Can you talk about your performance on kickoffs and even lining up as a tailback?

I was just trying to be a spark on kickoff returns to give us good field position. I just kept my head up and tried to find holes.

K Jon Peattie

What are your thoughts on the game?

We are all pretty frustrated right now. We are not used to losing two in a row, not even one. I thought our defense played unbelievable. They rose to the occasion and played amazing. I know they will be feeling satisfied with how they played. We did a good job of moving the ball, but we just had too many turnovers. They had only 10 points on four of our turnovers. We just couldn't put points on the board, the offense or myself.

Can you talk about the difference between this week's loss and last week's loss?

I think there isn't much difference. I think we played about the same. We couldn't do anything on offense and that told the tale right there.

What's the key to be successful for next week and the rest of the season to get back to winning?

I think Coach Swasey will have us working hard tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to get things going again soon.

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