Syracuse Locker Room Report

Miami defeated Syracuse 17-10 on Saturday to move their record to 8-2 on the season. The Hurricanes came from behind to get the victory behind 91 yards rushing from freshman Tyrone Moss. Maurice Sikes led the defense with an interception and a key pass deflection on a fourth down pass into the endzone late in the game. We were able to catch up with a few of the players after the game.

RB Tyrone Moss

How did it feel today having a bigger role in a bigger game?

It felt good. I was finally able to do some things today to help the team win. The more carries I get, I feel I get better.

What do you remember about the touchdown run?

The endzone. Just getting into the endzone. I don't remember how I got there, just that I ended up there. That's all I was thinking about.

You got a lot of carries in a short period of time, were you worried about fumbling?

Oh no, that is the last thing on my mind. Every time I run I make sure I keep the ball high and tight. That is the last thing I'll do, fumble the ball.

What were your thoughts on the long drive when you had a lot of carries?

I just thought, break a long one and get it over with (laughing).

WR Darnell Jenkins

Thoughts on the game?

It was interesting. We could have scored more points. We had opportunities to move the ball but our redzone offense was poor. We had our ups and downs throughout the game. We just had to stick it out until the end and that is what we did.

You were in there for more plays than normal, can you talk about what that was like?

I have been practicing harder and putting more effort into what I do. Coach CJ, coach Coker and Chud recognized it and came to agreement that I would play more.

Do you feel like you are improving?

Yeah I do. I know my coverages now and I know the plays. That's basically it.

What are your thoughts on the play of Crudup today?

I think he did okay for his first start. He came off the bench and he played hard. He didn't give up.

What are your thoughts on fellow true freshman Tyrone Moss?

Yeah he was good. I like to see that because I am a freshman as well. He stepped it up and he helped us get the victory today.

TE Buck Ortega

Can you talk about the play of special teams today and the reverses that were used?

We have done the reverses before and it works a lot. We had Sean (Taylor) back there with Roscoe (Parrish) out. We are going to keep doing that if we can next week

How does the win feel?

Great. It feels great.

Can you talk a little bit about the fourth quarter and the team's success moving the ball on offense during the quarter?

Yeah we did good. Tyrone Moss really ran the ball hard. The offensive line started coming off the ball. We just got into a groove. We will get it back together.

OL Eric Winston

What are your thoughts on Tyrone Moss today?

He ran hard today. He had a good run on the touchdown and we opened up a decent hole. He got hit by a couple guys but he decided he was going to drag them into the endzone. That's what he did. You can't say enough about the guy. You see a young guy who has not done much all season, but stepped in and grow up when we needed him too.

How do you think the offense did today?

We still need work. We still need to score more, but it was a step in the right direction. We don't need to score a lot of points with our defense to win games. We just need to pound the ball well and get good field position. We can rely on our defense a lot this year.

What did the offensive line do in the second half to open more holes?

We changed up our blocking schemes a bit. They were doing things a little different like running their linebackers a little harder over the top. We haven't seen that very much this year. We got some guys to get on them right away and it opened up big holes for us.

DE John Square

What are your thoughts on the game?

I thought they did a good job. We played smart and we stopped them when we needed to stop them. We made some big plays to win the game.

How was it being in the starting lineup today?

It felt good. It got me excited. But it really wasn't any different than if I was on second team. Everybody has the same goal, go in and play hard.

What was it like going up against the Syracuse offensive line?

I thought they were big. Not as strong or athletic as others, but I thought they did okay.

What is your assessment of the defensive line in today's game?

I thought we did good. We should have got up field more and pushed them back. We will look at it on film and get it fixed for next week.

How good does the win feel?

It feels good. Not winning is something we aren't used to. We got to get back in the groove. We have to get excited and have fun. We do real good when we are having fun and we play excited.

DE Bryan Pata

What are your thoughts on the game?

Overall I think the defense played real well. We don't need a lot of points on offense the way we are playing right now. I don't know how many yards they average a game, but we did a good job holding them down to 10 points. On offense, Tyrone Moss stepped up. He came out and scored that touchdown, we needed that.

How is your relationship with fellow true freshman Tyrone Moss?

We are real cool. We ask each other questions about what is going on. It is kind of hard with going to class and playing at the same time. We are trying to concentrate on both.

How would you assess your individual performance?

I had a sack and a half today, made a couple of tackles. Overall I think I did pretty good.

How are you feeling?

My ankle is feeling all right. I have to get a shot before the game to numb the pain. The shot usually wears out around halftime. My shoulder is really bothering me so sometimes I have to hit with the other one.

DT Vince Wilfork

What are your thoughts on Baraka Atkins ability to play defensive tackle?

He can play. He is a great athlete at defensive end and defensive tackle. It is not a mismatch when he is in there at defensive tackle or at end. It is good to see a young step up the way he has. It shows a lot for the university.

The team had less penalties this week, what do you attribute that to?

The coaches stressed it a lot in practice and we were more focused. Our whole mindset was to come in and win, and we did. You are going to get penalties, but I think we cut back on some of the unnecessary penalties.

LB Tavares Gooden

Thoughts on special teams today?

We started off good. We got hyped up. The defense made big plays and the offense made big plays so we wanted to also. Everybody was jumping around. I think from now on we have to be the ones to start off the game. When everyone sees us hyped up, the defense makes big plays.

Talk about your performance today including the big tackle on kickoff coverage.

First play I was the first guy down there and they look for me to make the tackle. I also did okay on kickoff returns today. They had a guy on their team that was supposed to be the real deal. Everybody expected me to make big plays. So that is what I tried to do.

How does the win feel?

The win feels great. Everybody on this team feels good. We should win. There is no reason why we should not win at the University of Miami with the amount of talent we have. I'm not sure what the causes of our losses were, but I think it is going to be a long time before we lose again.

K Jon Peattie

Thoughts on the game?

We struggled a little, but we came back and got the win and that's all that matters. Our defense played well and our special teams played well.

Can you talk about your field goal that tied the game at 10 in the fourth quarter?

That was probably my biggest kick that I have had all year. The West Virginia game was a big kick too. After the kick today, we picked it up a bit and dominated the rest of the game.

What are your thoughts on Derrick Crudup as he stepped in at quarterback today?

It doesn't matter to me who is in as long as we win.

P Brian Monroe

Thoughts on the game?

I thought we came out a little sluggish at the beginning. We picked it up and played pretty well at all facets of the game in the second half.

Can you talk about your punting today aside from the block?

I hear it every day from everybody. I feel I proved them wrong today. I pinned one inside the one, had two fifties and a block. If that's not good enough, then I don't know. I am going to try and get better. I felt that the two fifties were shanks because I hit them off the side of my foot. I will just keep working on that in practice.

How does it feel to pin the ball down inside the one-yard line?

It feels real good to do that. The defense is all hyped up because you did your job. That just makes it feel real good.

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