WR Updates His Status

At 5-foot-11 and 165 pounds, Stockton (Calif.) Edison standout wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins was relaxing on Sunday night and decided to update us with the latest.

"We're in the playoffs now and need to win four games to win it all," Hawkins said. "I've been doing a little something out there, doing my thing. I have about 20 or 21 touchdowns total. I've been playing everything -- defense, special teams, I never leave the field and nobody out there can cover me."

Hawkins, who is getting prepared for the ACT that's coming up in a few weeks, said three schools currently stand out on his list of favorites.

"I know I have visits set up with LSU, Miami, and Tennessee," he said. "I have someone that handles a lot of the recruiting stuff for me so he would have the exact days. I dont. All I know is I'm going to those three for sure. They're the ones I like."

The talented receiver gets weekly calls from all three programs, and even talked to UM coach Curtis Johnson on Sunday.

"He called just to check up," he said. "He saw my new highlight tape and said he was impressed. Of course. I knew he would be. Everyone is. He talked about his situation, my games, he's just chillin."

Hawkins said he hasn't paid any attention to the recent struggles by the UM offense in recent weeks.

"I was gonna watch the Tennessee game but it came on at nine and when I got home from practice it was over," he said. "I was surprised at the final score. Usually Miami can score a lot. They'll be alright. CJ seemed happy. We've been in funks like that before and bounced out of them. Come on now, we're talking about Miami. The Canes man, they'll be straight."

Hawkins said he's not in position to name a favorite yet, and won't be until after his visits.

"I'll know for sure on my visits," he said. "LSU and Tennessee have (offered me) and Miami has mentioned it. I just wanna win our championship and then take some of those visits and have some fun figuring out where I wanna go."

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