More on Devin...

Devin delivered some odd news the other day in an interview, and here's the follow up interview with the outstanding wide receiver from Miami Springs.

Two nights ago, Aromashodu told me Miami had not called him in six weeks and he was beginning to wonder how much interest they had in him.

"I spoke to CJ tonight," Aromashodu told me last night. "What happened was that Coach Kehoe is the coach recruiting my school and CJ is the position coach. There was a slight mixup, but they got it taken care of. Everything is OK now. He's supposed to be coming to my game next Friday against Carol City."

"Miami's still my favorite," he said. "Northwestern, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Florida are the other ones I'm considering. I'll announce my decision in December."

When asked about the number of receivers Miami might sign, Devin was quick to comment. "I hope they do sign five receivers this year."

Personally, I'm sticking to my original prediction - Devin will be a Hurricane come February.

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