Doucet Talks About Miami Visit

Saint Martinville, La. won its opening round playoff game on Friday, thanks to an excellent performance by senior quarterback Early Doucet. Several hours after the game, Doucet began a trip to south Florida. He talked about his trip.

"Man, Miami was fun," he said. "It was real tight. I had a chance to watch their game against Syracuse and then I got to chill with several of their players that are on the team now. I had a great time."

Doucet, 6-1 and 205 pounds, talked about the game against the Orangemen.

"They came out and the defense dominated," he said. "The offense is still struggling a little bit. I think their quarterback play isn't what they're used to. Kyle Wright is the man of the future. They love him there and I think he's gonna be the man. Plus, you see guys like Ryan Moore as guys for the future."

The talented receiver had a chance to spend a lot of time with Wright when he was in Miami.

"We was just chillin," he said. "He was telling me about how competitive it is at Miami. Not just anyone can go there and I completely understand that. I know how hard those guys work and it's easy to see why they have won so many games. They recruit great players and they all love to compete."

Doucet said this visit was different than his first one, which was for the camp back in late June.

"This time, I got a chance to hang out with several of the players," he said. "It was me and Kyle, Devin Hester, Jon Beason. It was fun. I can't wait till I take my visit there in December."

The talented receiver will be taking an official visit to Florida next weekend but it appears three schools have the upper hand right now.

"I loved Oklahoma and I loved Miami," he said. "Them and LSU, I like those teams a lot. I still don't have a leader yet, I just need to keep taking my trips and hanging out to see how I fit in."

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