DL Will Visit UM

A few years ago, many major college programs went into Sarasota (Fla.) Booker High to recruit standout defensive end Baraka Atkins. They're back this year, recruiting pass rusher Chris Zellner.

At 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds, Zellner has played on both sides of the ball the last two seasons. In addition to having some touchdown catches at tight end, he has eight sacks this season on defense.

Zellner, a full academic qualifier, said the best competition he has gotten this year came from Riverview's Drew Miller, a major UM prospect.

"He got me once and I got him once," he said. "The rest of the time, we stalemated each other. The thing that makes Drew so good is he knows his assignments. All offensive linemen make mistakes and miss their assignments, but not Drew. Plus, if you make a mistake, he's so strong that he really makes you pay for it. He's a great player."

Zellner, who also competes in varsity weightlifting and track, is being recruited by many major college programs.

"I know for sure that I'll be taking trips to Ohio State, Maryland, South Florida, and Tennessee after the season," he said. "Miami will probably be the other one. They have all offered me except for Miami."

The talented defensive end talked more about the Hurricanes.

"Great team," he said. "They always have one. They just reload. They have mentioned an offer but I haven't gotten it in writing yet. If they do, I'll move them way up my list but I gotta go with the ones that have offered."

Zellner declined to mention a favorite among that group.

"All I've been doing is talking to the coaches," he said. "My visits after the year will give me a chance to hang out with the players and see just how well I fit in."

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