Vernon Carey Q&A

Vernon Carey is a senior offensive lineman from Northwestern High School in Miami. This season Carey has played at guard after making the switch from his usual tackle position. You would not be able to tell that Carey is a newcomer at the guard position. Although his senior season has been hampered with ankle injuries, he has still been productive when he takes the field.

Carey took time to discuss Senior Day, his career at Miami and what he will miss the most.

What are your thoughts on senior day coming up this weekend at the Orange Bowl?

I'm excited. I have been for a while. It will be exciting to walk out of the tunnel for the last time. My family will be there. My son will be there. I'm sure I will feel a little down, but we have achieved a lot of things while I was here. We set out to win games and that is what we have done. I have done what I have set out to do. It will be exciting.

How has your career at Miami gone with winning a national title, playing for another and compiling a 43-4 record since your freshman season?

You have to be happy with our success. I have played in almost every major bowl game. If we finish strong this year we will probably go to the Orange Bowl. We have accomplished a lot here. We rarely lose games.

What will you miss the most about being a Hurricane?

Just being around this program and being around a bunch of guys who hate to lose. The last couple weeks hasn't happened to us before. But it is a part of life, sometimes you have to come out and be strong.

What are your thoughts on your senior season not being able to accomplish the major goal of winning a national title?

In life you try to reach all of your goals. When you aim high sometimes you fall short. We have fell a little bit short, but we are trying to finish strong. At the University of Miami everybody is just used to winning. That is how the players feel and the coaches. The players think ‘we are just used to winning.' When it doesn't happen you just have to keep working to overcome it.

When will it hit you that it is your last game at the Orange Bowl?

It probably wont hit during the game. Probably after the game. Before the game I will prepare like any other game, to do my best. At the end of the game I'll probably think ‘oh snap, it's my last game here.'

What will it be like running through the smoke for the last time?

There is just something about the smoke. I used to do it in high school so I don't know what it will be like not to do it.

You have made the transition from guard to tackle relatively easy, which position do you feel more comfortable with?

I feel comfortable with both. I just don't like going back and forth. Once I get set on a position then I like that position. I have adapted well at guard and I think I do a good job at guard. At first when I made the switch, I thought ‘man, I have to learn something new.' I was worried that I would not be able to learn the position. But now I think I am pretty good at it. I am not satisfied, but I am happy.

What did you notice from the offensive line last game after watching the game from the sideline?

We just need to work on being a little bit more aggressive on the ball. Just open the holes a little bit bigger. We are doing some good things, but we just have to finish strong the next three games.

What did you tell Eric Winston before the game in helping him make the same transition that you had to make from tackle to guard?

I just told him to stay in it. Just to keep your butt low and play hard. That's all you can really do. It is a little bit more aggressive playing guard. At tackle you are just kicking back waiting for the guy to make a move. At guard the guy is making a move right off the ball.

If you could, would you like to come back another season to block for Tyrone Moss?

He is going to be a good kid to block for years to come, but I am ready to go (laughing). I have been here five years and it is time to go.

Has your five years at Miami gone fast?

No (laughing). Not the way that coach Swasey has us working in the summer. It goes real slow.

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