Rutgers Postgame Report

Miami defeated Rutgers 34-10 to move their record to 9-2 and 5-1 in Big East play. With a win next week against Pittsburgh, the Hurricanes would win the Big East. After today's game some of the players shared their thoughts including Brock Berlin on the emphasis of playing without turning the ball over and Kellen Winslow on potentially his last game at the Orange Bowl.

Quarterback Brock Berlin

How nice was the win today on Senior Day?

It was good to send off the seniors with a win. It was really special.

How good does it feel to get a game in without any interceptions, was that the biggest thing?

Obviously a win is the biggest thing for us. But definitely, I never want to turn the ball over or throw any interceptions. I did that today and I just wanted to make plays when they were there.

Was there more emphasis on the turnovers?

I don't think so. We talk about it every week. It is a big thing for us so we can let our defense play and let them create turnovers. For us, we don't want to turn the ball over and it was a great feeling not to do that today.

It must have been nice for Kevin Everett to have a big day to ease the pain from the drop against Virginia Tech?

I am very proud of him. He made some big catches and did a great job. We have always known he could do that.

Tailback Jarrett Payton

What are your thoughts on the third quarter today?

We just went out there and played. Once offense starts playing well, defense starts playing and special teams start playing well we start feeding off of each other. During the third quarter I was having the most fun that I have had on the field in a long time. When you see that we are scoring points, everybody was just working hard to score points. That was a good way to go out for me.

Can you talk about the energy that the team played with during the third quarter?

It is hard because we are used to being like that all the time, but we lost it. Once we lost it, it was hard to get it back. I feel that today was the first time that we had got it back. So hopefully we will be able to carry it over to Pittsburgh and put points on the board. Everyone was talking about putting more points on the board, but I told our offense that we have to worry about scoring touchdowns then we can worry about putting points on the board.

Do you see sense that the team is tentative at times?

I don't know. Sometimes at the beginning of games we have to get a feel of how things play out.

Fullback Quadtrine Hill

What are your thoughts on the game?

We played good for most of the game. Of course there are some plays that we say ‘I wish we would have done this, I wish we would have done that.' We could have scored more and been more efficient on offense. All in all, I think we had a pretty good game.

What are your thoughts on the third quarter when the team began to pull away from Rutgers?

We feel that is how it should be every play. We feel that we should be successful on every play and if it is not, then we think we should have gained more yards than we did. That is what we are accustomed to here at Miami. In the third quarter it was nice to see some of those plays go for touchdowns and we were successful.

Do you think the team will be more confident because of that quarter heading into Pittsburgh?

Well, we are always going to be a confident team. We play confident and we are confident in the locker room because that is what people are around you, we feed off of that. Coming up against Pittsburgh it is good that we have gotten some of that momentum back and there is little less questions about our offense.

Tight End Kellen Winslow

What did you think of the game today?

Everybody gave an all out effort and that is what we need each game.

What are your thoughts on how the rotating of the quarterbacks went today?

It was hard to get into a rhythm. Brock pretty much stepped up today. It was hard to get into a rhythm with the quarterbacks. They were looking over their shoulders afraid to make mistakes. You have to let them make mistakes and play through them. But they handled it well.

With the offense struggling over the past few games, do you think things came together in the third quarter?

Not really. We just have to keep improving.

This might be your last game in the Orange Bowl, what are your thoughts on your personal performance?

It was not really a big game for me. I did a good job blocking but I only had two catches. It might be my last game, it might not. Most of my friends are leaving.

Kevin Everett had a big game today, what are your thoughts on his play?

He is a quiet kid, but he is a real fiery guy if you push his buttons. He is a Hurricane. He will carry on the torch when I am gone. I played decoy today and that was fine. As long as we win then I don't care.

What was the key play in the third quarter for the team?

I think that blocked punt helped us a bunch. It really ignited us.

Any quick thoughts on the game against Pittsburgh?

It is going to be a war, it is going to be a battle (grinning).

Offensive Tackle Carlos Joseph

What are your thoughts on playing your last game at the Orange Bowl?

I'm feeling excited and I have played here four years. I came here in 2000 and everything has gone by so fast.

What are your thoughts on the game today?

We turned it around today. We talked about coming out as a team and playing hard. As seniors, we wanted to go out with a big going away game with a win.

What was it like going up against Raheem Orr who is one of the best pass rushers in the Big East?

He was a good player. He game me a little competition today. I think I played hard all of the time.

What was it like in the third quarter with the offense scoring three touchdowns?

Defense came out first making big plays. We just came out thinking ‘we are going to score, its over.'

Defensive End Javon Nanton

How do you feel the defensive line played today?

I think we did good. We were able to put pressure on them and we knew they were going to come and try to run the ball on us. Once we started to stop the run, they had to get into a passing game.

How was it for your personally having a great game today?

It was a good feeling. But it is over now and I'll just get ready for Pittsburgh next week.

Linebacker Jonathan Vilma

What are your thoughts on your last game at the Orange Bowl?

It was a good win. I won't be playing in the Orange Bowl ever again and it was good to go out with a win.

The team has gone 45-4 since you came here and won a National Championship, have you accomplished everything you set out to do?

Yeah, pretty much (smiling).

The final chapter has yet to be written, but could you walk away satisfied?

Yeah I can. If we win next week, we will probably go to the Orange Bowl, which would be a good accomplishment.

Linebacker Darrell McClover

Thoughts on the game and the excitement around the team during the third quarter?

It went good and it felt good to get a win. It was nice to get the team going and it was good seeing them fired up.

What was the feeling like after your blocked punt?

It was a real good feeling. It was nice to be able to make a play like that this year. I have gotten a chance to play this year and it feels good to make plays like that.

What is your assessment of the defense's performance today?

I think we did pretty good. In the third quarter we did a good of holding them deep in their end. We just kept making plays to hold them.

Safety Brandon Meriweather

Thoughts on the game?

As a defensive group I think we played pretty well. I think we need to limit certain things and all that. Personally, I think I played terrible. The offense played pretty good putting up 34 points.

Talk about the difference between the two halves for the defense.

I think throughout the whole game we had confidence that we could win and they we could win on defense. I guess they were thinking that we weren't going to be able score on defense, but we did. It is more of an everybody-thing where everybody is playing together.

What do you think of their quarterback, Ryan Hart and their receivers?

I think they have a good team. They have a good quarterback. That was the first team that actually came out and threw at us throughout the whole game. It was fun for us on as defensive backs. We came up and tried not to allow too many yards. We did give up yards though, but we held them pretty good out of the endzone.

Today was Senior Day, what are your thoughts on the seniors leaving and whom will you miss?

I will miss all of those guys. Chris Harvey, Alfonso (Marshall), I'm going to miss everybody. I'm going to miss Jonathan Vilma who keeps everyone on defense together, D.J. (Williams), Darrell (McClover). I'm going to miss KB (Kevin Beard). He is the one that I go up against in practice. He has taught me some things since I have been here.

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