Big Max Down to 3

At 6-foot-5 and 340 pounds, North Miami Beach offensive lineman Max Jean-Gilles is one of the most talented offensive linemen I've seen to come out of this state in the last 10 years. Gilles has narrowed his list down to three, and talks about why those schools made the cut in this exclusive interview with

At 6-foot-5 and 340 pounds, Gilles has all the tools to become a dominating offensive lineman at the next level. He bench presses over 400 pounds and has excellent athletic ability. His body type is very different from someone like Vernon Carey. Gilles is naturally a bigger, stronger, more physical kid. He ranks right up there with the Leon Searcy's and the Stockar McDougles as one of the most talented offensive linemen to come out of Florida in the last 10-15 years. Inside the classroom, Gilles carries a 3.1 GPA and re-takes the SAT this weekend after scoring a 790 on his first try. Gilles has helped lead his team to a 4-2 record so far this season.

Which schools have been calling you this month: Georgia, Arkansas, UM, Notre Dame, LSU, Nebraska, Florida, and Florida State just to name a few.

Which of those schools have sent you scholarship offers in writing: All of those ones I mentioned have. I've got over 30 total.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's it looking like: It would be Nebraska, Miami, or Georgia.

Have you scheduled any official visits: Not yet, but I'll visit those three schools.

What will be some of the deciding factors: Basically, wherever I feel most comfortable.

Talk about the University of Miami: They're a great program. Coach Kehoe is a good coach, and he's been real with me.

Personally, I love our chances here. Gilles is a local kid that's been a huge priority from day one and I think he'll end up signing with the Hurricanes.

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