Local DL High on UM

A major reason for the success of Deerfield Beach High this season has been the play of quarterback Brent Schaeffer. The talented signal caller is one of the best players in the state at his position. Defensively, they're led by one of the state's best defensive linemen -- Emmanuel Dunbar.

At 6-foot-5 and 265 pounds, Dunbar has been nearly unblockable this season. After registering six tackles and two sacks in last week's playoff win against Palm Beach Gardens, Dunbar now has over 80 tackles and 17 sacks on the season.

"Teams do everything they can to avoid me," he said. "And plus, they're always trying to double team me and stuff like that. I still make plays, though."

Dunbar, a full academic qualifier, is one of the state's most heavily recruited defensive linemen.

"Man, the coaches are calling all the time," he said. "I'm hardly ever home to answer the calls though. A couple days a week, I just chill, play video games and talk to the coaches that call. It's alright."

The talented defensive lineman has a host of scholarship offers, including Miami, Florida State, and Oklahoma. He talked more about the recruiting process.

"All I know is I just wanna win," he said. "I wanna be able to fit in and be cool with the players and everything but man, I wanna win."

When asked if any official visits have been scheduled, he was quick to comment on one program in particular.

"Man, I get all the dates and everything mixed up sometimes," he said. "All I know is that I wanna visit Miami both officially and unofficially. I don't know the exact date for that yet but I know that Miami will be one of them."

Dunbar talked more about what he likes about the Hurricanes.

"That's Miami man," he said. "Look what they do every year. I'm getting sick of people talking about how Miami's having a bad year. How can people say that when a team loses two games? There are some teams that don't even win two games a year. The expectations are like that I guess. They expect to win and will win. I've been talking to the coaches over there but I haven't been able to make it to some games. That's why I wanna take an unofficial visit there too. Miami's straight."

The talented defensive lineman will use his other visits for some other programs that he has in mind.

"I'll worry about that after the year but yeah, teams like Oklahoma, FSU, teams like that seem straight," he said. "I'll know more after our season's over. I'm trying to get me a (state championship) ring this year."

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