DE Has Big Goals

Palm Beach Gardens saw its season come to an end last Friday night when Deerfield Beach handed them a 24-14 defeat. "I generally dont like giving people too many props but I must say that their quarterback (Brent Schaeffer) was really, really good," said defensive end Willie Young.

"He was like Michael Vick back there. I never thought I'd see a player in high school like that again. He was so fast and quick running the ball and when he threw, it was pinpoint accuracy."

Young would know a thing or two about chasing quarterbacks. The 6-4, 205-pound defensive end finished the season with 12 sacks in 11 games. Now he's turning his focus to basketball.

"We got practice at 7 am tomorrow (Wednesday)," he said. "They said they need me out there. I wanted to take a little break but I guess I'll be right back at it. Then I'm gonna do track. I'm gonna run, not throw."

Young, who will take the SAT on December 6, has emerged as one of the state's top defensive end prospects.

"I just use my quickness and my hands," he said. "Honestly, Mike, I didn't line up against an offensive lineman all year that could block me. I wish I knew where the good ones were at, for real. I'm going to play in the CaliFlorida Bowl and hopefully I'll see some competition out there. I'll still do my thing though."

The talented defensive end prospect has three official visits lined up and he's still trying to figure out the last two.

"I got N.C. State, Ohio State, and Georgia for sure," he said. "I already got those ones set for sure. They call me every week and they all have given me a scholarship offer. I'm still up in the air on the other ones but I know I'll take all five. Virginia Tech, Miami, Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee, there's a bunch of them."

Young said he has spoken to UM coaches a few times in recent weeks.

"They dont call as much as the other ones," he said. "Miami hasn't offered me yet but it's all good. Most kids would be lucky to get a Division 1 scholarship offer or two. I got 16 right now sitting here. It's really amazing to be in this situation, I've been really blessed."

Young said he probably won't even visit Miami since he's pretty sure that even if the Canes were to offer, it's not a place he could see himself at.

"Miami wants to see the test score first," he said. "But look, here's the thing about Miami. It's a great program. There ain't one better anywhere. The thing is though, man, I'm trying to be three years and out. I wanna be in the league soon. And since I won't be anymore than 225 or 230 pounds, it's gonna be hard for me to go into Miami and do that."

Young said he sees a different type of opportunity at the other programs that are on his short list.

"Now the ones I'm looking at, I think I can play right away and give myself a chance to do three and out," he said. "At Miami though, it's a different story. At Miami, every player that goes there wants to get to the league. That's why they send so many every year. I'd love to be a part of that but you wait your turn as a defensive end there. Like I said, there's nothing wrong with that because most of them make it (to the NFL) eventually but I'm trying to get in as fast as I can and I just think the other schools give me a better chance to do that. Not every kid's gonna play in the league at those schools like they do at Miami so it's a different situation. I'm gonna make it, just watch."

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