Kyle Cobia Q&A

Kyle Cobia is a junior fullback from Lakeland, Florida that has shared the starting spot with Quadtrine Hill this season. We sat down with him coming into the season finale at Pittsburgh for his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Does the team feel that this is a big game regardless of national title hopes?

There is a lot on the line, but we go through the same thing. I think we are prepared, but we realize what is at stake. It is definitely a big game. There is no doubt about it.

West Virginia did a job against Pittsburgh up front; do you think this is a game that the offensive line could really have a good game?

Yes it could be one of those games. You never know what that game has in store, but it definitely could be one of those games where it will be tough and physical.

What are your thoughts on this game and the bowl implications of it?

It is one of those games where everything is at stake. We just have to be prepared and it will be a war.

The offense has been more contrastive lately, what are your thoughts on the offense now?

I think there is too much of a concern thinking that we have to run every play. We have to keep the running game going. I'm not thinking we can't pass the ball. That's not true at all, because we can. If we are hitting on all cylinders, then we will be fine.

You have been in the starting lineup more this year, what are your thoughts on that?

It has been good and I think I have done a good job. But I always think I could be doing a better job. I am hard on myself and when I look at game tape, I think I did not do that bad of a job. Quad and I share time and sometimes he gets more plays, sometimes I do. Like last week, I started, but he was in for more plays.

When the run game was not working, did you take that upon yourself to make it work?

I did, I think everyone did. It was not a fun time when the run game was not working. That was on us. You cant put that on anyone else, but us. I just want to make the whole offense work.

Do you like the grind it out style with running the ball that you guys have used over the past week as opposed to the high-octane offense Canes fans were used to seeing?

I don't really think about it. I just do my job and honestly have no clue about anything else. I just hear the play called and try and do my job. If it is a pass play to me, then that is great. If not then I will go and block to make a hole.

How has your season been going?

Coming into this season everything was going pretty good. My playing time has been good and the whole starting thing is not an issue, because the way we rotate. Overall it has been a good season for me, it has been fun just going out there and playing.

Have you been dealing with injuries this year?

Fullback is tough. Both me and Quadtrine are banged up. At the end of the year, I think everyone is banged up. I think I have been pretty lucky this year without too many injuries. I have had a couple bruises. Right now my neck is killing me. Last year I got injury after injury. I think I got all my injuries out last year. This year has been going to me.

Describe your concussion that you suffered during two-a-days.

We were in a scrimmage and I got hit from the side. It was my first concussion ever, so I did not know what to expect. I sat out six days and came back and there wasn't any other problems.

What are your impressions of the tailbacks on the team?

We started with Frank Gore and he did real well until he got hurt. I think Jarrett stepped up big in the Florida State game. I was so glad for him. It was sad to see Frank like that, but Jarrett was able to show people what he was made of because he had a lot of doubters with him always being second string. Tyrone has come in and done a great job. He will be excellent. The offense is real tough to pick up, but he has done a good job lately. JG (Jason Geathers) has done real well coming in from wide receiver. It seems like he switches every year. He is a real team player making the switch and a real talented player.

What is your relationship like with your roommate, Brock Berlin?

He's my roommate (laughing). I see him every day and we always just kid each other about stuff. We share the same bathroom so we are always bumping heads in there. But we get along real well.

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