Coker Visits Leggett

One week after Curtis Johnson made an in-home visit with Arlington (Texas) Grace Prep standout wide receiver Lance Leggett, head coach Larry Coker and quarterbacks coach Dan Werner returned to the home on Monday night. It continues making things tough for the talented receiver.

"Those guys are great," Leggett said. "I really like CJ, he's my kind of guy. He calls it like he sees it. He's straight with you. Larry Coker is more laid back, seems like a players coach."

Florida's receivers coach was also in the home last week. Leggett continues to struggle between the two.

"It's a real hard choice," he said. "There are things I really like about Miami and things I really like about Florida. I think I'm starting to get an idea, though."

The UM coaches also met with Leggett's father, Loys, during that time.

"I like those Miami guys a lot," his father said. "CJ came out here last week and Lance was the first kid he saw. He said he was leaving to go see a boy from New Orleans and talked about how much he wanted both of them."

Leggett's father asked Coker last night how Lance would fit into their plans.

"He talked about how they have a lot of smaller receivers on the current roster," he said. "They need a big guy that can come in there and dominate. He thinks Lance can be the guy. He wants a big receiver that can beat down those smaller corners."

Mr. Leggett believes Lance has only two weaknesses at his age as a prospect and believes the UM coaches can bring out the best in him.

"Lance is a little lazy and he needs to become a little tougher," he said. "I know CJ can get it out of him. He told us that he wants guys that are tough. There are big, fast kid all over the place but he wants tough kids. You need to be able to compete with the kids they have down there. And Coach Swasey, he's good with the kids. He can get into the heads of those kids and bring out the best in them."

Mr. Leggett believes UM has a lot going in its favor but the Gators do have strong points as well.

"I really think it's Miami against Chris Leak right now," he said. "He really likes the idea of playing with Leak but I think Coker won him over. Lance has so much ability trapped inside of him. CJ talked about how Andre Johnson was the same way when he first got there and look where he's at now. We're going to be taking a trip down to Miami right after we come home for Christmas."

Leggett is aiming for early January as a decision time.

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