Roscoe Parrish Q&A

Roscoe Parrish is a sophomore wide receiver from Miami Senior High School. This season Parrish has dealt with a nagging knee injury, taking a hit that put him in the hospital and the passing of his grandmother. It hasn't been the season he envisioned, but he is still standing and always will be.

Parrish took time to discuss the matchup against Florida State, his injuries and his relationship with Frank Gore.

What are your thoughts on playing Florida State?

When we went up there, I wasn't playing in the second half so I can't really say how the game went. We are going to come out to play, offense, defense and special teams no matter who we play in the Orange Bowl. It is a rivalry game and should be a good game.

Would you like to have played Ohio State?

Oh of course because they beat us in the championship game last year. We wanted to come back and get revenge.

Are you disappointed that you are not facing Ohio State in the Orange Bowl?

I'm just happy that we are in a BCS bowl game. It's not Ohio State, but it is Florida State and we have to do what we can.

Are you worried that the team will have a hard time to be motivated for the game?

We are going to get motivated and we are going to be pumped up ready to play being that it is the Orange Bowl. It is a big game, a BCS bowl game. We are going to be ready to play regardless if its Ohio State or Florida State.

Where were you when you found out that you were going to be playing Florida State in the Orange Bowl?

I was at home by myself. My step dad woke me up and told me that we are playing Florida State. I said, ‘you're lying'. Because a lot of people said that we would be playing Ohio State. Because we played Florida State this year already and we play them to open up the season next year, they said we wouldn't play them in the bowl game. I was shocked, but that is a thrill for me because I didn't get to play against them in the first game.

Do they have an edge because of the revenge factor?

I don't know how they are thinking, but we are thinking we are going to come out and play. We aren't going to come out thinking they have an edge on us, we are going to come out to play regardless.

What are your thoughts on them being the favorites and why do you think they are?

I have no idea, maybe because of their ranking and all that, but I have no idea. But we aren't looking in front of us, we are going to come out and play.

Do you have extra motivation because of the hit you took in the first game?

Yeah I am pumped for this one because I only played a quarter the first game against them. Coach Coker asked me earlier this week, ‘are you going to make it for the whole game?' just joking around. I said ‘yeah coach, I am ready for this game.' I am just going to go to the game and stay focused. People ask if I am going to give it to them, I am just going to play ball. I am just looking to come out victorious and help out as much as I can on offense and on special teams.

Have you seen the hit that you took from Stanford Samuels?

Yeah I have seen it a lot on ESPN. That was a big hit. I didn't even know I got up. People said I got up, but I said ‘no you're lying.' I didn't even know that I couldn't breath or anything. They just rushed me to the hospital, that's the only thing I remember about the hit.

Do you have anything against him?

I don't have anything against him. It's a football game and he was trying to make a tackle. He didn't know it was going to go down like that. He just made a big hit.

What do you remember when you fully regained consciousness?

I just remember being on the sideline and they were asking me if I was all right. I just kept putting my head down. When I really knew where I was, I was in the hospital. They said Sean Taylor returned an interception for a touchdown. That made me feel better knowing that we were on top.

Was it scary to go through some of things you went through after the hit?

As a matter of fact I didn't know that I was spitting up blood until I got out of the hospital. My mom told me that I had blood in my urine and all that, but at the time I didn't know any of that. When I woke up in the hospital I didn't think I was seriously injured.

Do you think the injury against Florida State slowed you down from having a breakout year?

A lot of people said that I wasn't the same after the Florida State game. I don't know why they said that because I felt the same. Coming into the Florida State game I was playing well. I had four touches in the first quarter against Florida State, but it didn't turn out real good.

How has this year gone for you personally?

It has been a frustrating year for me. Going into this season I was expecting to do a lot of big things. I thought I was going to have a breakout year. My season has been go all right, but I am not that proud of it. Things haven't turned out the way that I have planned them to be, but everything happens for a reason. I just have to stay focused, levelheaded and play the final game.

From a personal standpoint, what are you happy with this season?

That I finished whole year without being seriously injured and that I continued to play throughout the season.

When did you hurt your knee this year?

I hurt my knee during two-a-days around August 11th. I remember I caught a pass on Sean Taylor grabbing me from behind and my knee buckled. I look at it on film and you can't really tell.

Do you feel you have been 100 percent at all this year?

My knee has been nagging me. It will swell up and get tight and I can't move it. I have to sit out of practice and do a lot of treatment. I haven't felt fully healthy this year, but if you aren't injured you have to play.

You are good friends with Frank Gore and work out a lot; do you talk a lot about how the season has gone?

Frank and I talk all the time, every night we ask ‘why is the season not going the way we planned it would?' We always talk and talk about the same thing every night, ‘why is not going the way we thought it would?' We are trying to figure it out and if one of us has an idea, we tell each other. We have to put a lot in a lot time here. Where we are from, we don't need to be hanging around there because they probably just want to put us down.

What has been the best conclusion that you two have came up with?

Just stay around here as much as possible. Try and stay around here to learn as much as possible from the coaches and watch film. We work out a lot.

How was Frank after the injury?

I was shocked about the way his attitude was after being hurt for the second time. I thought he would be all down. He took it stronger right now. He is just going with the flow. He just said that he has to work hard in the summer. You would think with back-to-back ACL injuries that a person would have his head down moping around, but he wasn't any of that.

How is he doing now?

He is doing good. He is rehabbing a lot and is at the hospital over there all day. He is not running yet, but he rides the bike.

Growing up how close did you live to Frank?

We lived about three blocks from each other. Growing up we always played against each other. His side of the street against my side of the street. Whenever we played, we always argued, ‘that aint no touchdown!' We were always arguing. We were like that in every sport, basketball, baseball and we ran track. Now we talk about the old times like that.

How long have you played together with Frank?

We played together since we were seven years old then when we came to high school at Coral Gables High at first. They didn't have a very good football program, always like 3-6, 3-7. I told my step dad I wanted to transfer to Senior High and Frank was supposed to go too, but I don't know what happened. Everything worked out good for the both of us, we both went to a major division I college football program.

Do you two talk about going to Miami together?

We always talked about going to Miami. At first we had our mindset of going to Ole Miss when I wasn't getting a scholarship here. I didn't get a scholarship until Coach Coker got the job. When Butch was the coach, he said I was too small. All of the coaches wanted me to come to Miami, but Butch was the head guy and whatever he says goes. Coker called me up soon after he got the job and offered me a full scholarship if I wanted it; I said of course I want it.

Where would you have gone if you didn't get that scholarship?

I probably would have been at North Carolina State. I had committed to them up until that point. February 7th was signing day and I got the scholarship to Miami on February 3rd.

How have the wide receivers done as a unit this year?

I think we have done all right. It was frustrating for us when we didn't know who was going to be under center taking the snaps. We had to pull together and Kevin Beard did a good job of keeping us together. We are a young group and it was tough for us not knowing who was going to be back there.

What is it playing for wide receivers coach Curtis Johnson?

He is a tough coach to play for. Sometimes he is on you and you get to feeling down, but it is for the best for you. He wants you to work hard and get everything out of you.

How are the true freshman Devin Hester and Darnell Jenkins coming along?

Devin Hester and Darnell Jenkins are going to be very good players. CJ gets on their case a lot. They know more than me when I was a freshman and they are further along because they had to play this year where as I was redshirted.

You're wearing a New York Giants jersey, big fan?

No not really, I like the Falcons. I love Michael Vick. I would like to play with Michael Vick. I love Michael Vick. I just love watching him. I played quarterback in high school and I see what he does and I thought I did some of those things when I played quarterback. If it aint open, you got to run it. I love watching him all the time.

What do you want to do after your playing days are over at Miami?

Of course I want to play in the NFL, if not then I would like to teach young kids at an elementary school.

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