Where Does UM Stand With Grant?

Cornerback Michael Grant took an official visit to the University of Miami this past weekend and took some time to talk about it. "It was alright," he said. "We was having a lot of fun out there. Me, Josh (Johnson), Xavier (Carter), Charlie (Jones), Tyrone (Byrd), we was all just chillin."

Grant, 5-11 and 183 pounds, was one of two track state champions on the Miami visit.

"I talked to Xavier a lot," he said. "I raced him last year at a meet in North Carolina. I had him beat until the final 10 meters and he pulled away by about two tenths of a second. He's pretty fast. He ain't really talked about what he's gonna do (for college) though."

Grant talked about two of his trip's highlights.

"The two best parts were watching the 7 on 7's they were doing and the trip to the Orange Bowl," he said. "Running through the smoke with Bone Crusher playing, that was fun. The 7 on 7s they were doing were just the players, no coaches."

Watching the team practice on their own made Grant realize something about the Hurricanes.

"One thing about those guys is they really know how to have fun," he said. "When they're away from school and football, they're a whole lot of fun, especially being in Miami. But when it comes to football, they're completely different. It's like they change into someone else. When they were on the field, even for a volunteer practice, they're so serious and intense. That's all that matters to them at that point. They are so competitive, it's crazy. So just seeing how they act on and off the field, it's something I'd like to be part of someday."

The visit to UM obviously helped the Hurricanes move up his list but Grant said they're even with three others right now.

"It's dead even between Miami, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee (Jan 9 visit)," he said. "I need some time and more visits to think about it but Miami definitely made me realize how tight it would be to go there."

Grant made the trip with teammate Josh Johnson, who also came away very impressed.

"Josh liked it a lot too," he said. "It's outta Florida and Miami for him."

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