Commitment Takes UM Visit

Houston (Texas) Hightower standout offensive lineman Tyrone Byrd committed to the University of Miami during the middle part of the season and he took his visit this weekend.

"I really liked it," he said. "The people, the coaches, the area, I really enjoyed everything about it. You make a commitment and you start thinking about how well you're gonna fit in. I thought it was great when I went for camp but this visit confirmed everything."

Byrd, 6-5 and 255 pounds, was hosted by offensive lineman Rashad Butler.

"We chilled the whole weekend," he said. "All the players, they're cool people. The thing about them is I see competition there. There's lots of competition when you go to Miami and that's what I'm all about. Coach Kehoe, he wants more and more guys in there all the time."

Byrd also had a chance to talk to several of the coaches again and he happened to mention one in particular.

"The strength coach, he's real cool," he said. "He is really demanding and knows how to get the most out of everyone."

The talented lineman talked about a highlight of the trip.

"We all went to the Orange Bowl," he said. "It felt like we were actually playing. We had our own jerseys on and running out of the smoke. They were playing Bone Crusher. Man, I was hyped. I was telling the other guys how I'm ready, lets get it on right now. I was like, 'where are the pads?'"

Byrd had a chance to meet several other recruits during his visit to Miami.

"I met some of the other guys that also committed early," he said. "Charlie Jones, the running back, he's cool. I met a Juco lineman that's gonna start there right away. He was huge. Drew, Coach Kehoe really wants him. I also met a dude that committed to Miami while we were there, he was a linebacker, I think Josh Johnson was his name. We all had fun."

Byrd was asked if he plans on taking any other recruiting visits.

"No, I think I'm done," he said. "I need a rest. I just wanna chill because it's my only time off. I'm gonna start hitting the weights and getting ready for next year."

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