Freeman Enjoys Visit Experience

Brownwood, Texas standout quarterback Kirby Freeman took his official visit to Miami this past weekend and came away more impressed that he could have imagined. "It was even better than I expected," Freeman said.

"It really is amazing the type of program they have at Miami and I got a first hand look at it."

Freeman was hosted by UM quarterback Brock Berlin and also hung out with backup Kyle Wright for a good part of the weekend.

"I was with Brock the whole weekend," he said. "Kyle Wright was also with us a lot. I hung out with Kellen Winslow a little bit, Roscoe Parrish some, there were a lot of guys just hanging out."

Freeman said he had a chance to watch UM preparing for their Orange Bowl showdown with arch-rival Florida State.

"That's going to be a huge game," he said. "Brock is ready. He really wants to finish strong this season so he can gain some momentum going into the offseason. I think he'll play really well. As big a game that this is, I think next year's opener is more important, no doubt. Whoever wins this game will probably finish in the top five and complete a successful season. But when you're Miami and Florida State, you play for national titles and the winner of next year's game will likely move up to No. 2 or 3 in the polls and have a big head start on the loser. That's the thing about those programs in Florida -- some teams will start against Division 2 opponents. Those guys start with each other. Miami will play anyone. Look how they went up to Penn State two years ago to start the season."

The talented quarterback prospect has graduated high school and will be moving to Miami in the middle part of January so he can start classes on Jan. 20.

"I really can't wait," he said. "This is something I've always dreamed of. I'll move to Miami, start classes, and totally devote myself to learning the Miami offense. I'm going in there and I'm going to work really hard."

Freeman said he's been told that next year's quarterback position is up for grabs heading into the offseason.

"Brock really started well in the early part of the season," he said. "The comeback against Florida was great. Then towards the middle of the season, he sort of went into a slump and went downhill a bit. He regained the job and finished with a couple impressive wins. Coach Werner said Kyle's been working his tail off, they have Derrick Crudup, and I know I'll be working my tail off to see what happens."

Freeman had a chance to meet with head coach Larry Coker at the end of his visit and the quarterback had a message for the coach.

"I told him that I'm either going to become the starter next year or make the starter a lot better than he already is," he said. "I'm not just gonna roll over. I'm coming after the starter with everything I have and everyone needs to understand that. It's a wonderful opportunity for all of us."

Freeman, 6-2 and 190 pounds, had a chance to hang out with several other recruiting prospects during his visit to Miami. He talked about one of them.

"I met the tight end, Zach Miller," he said. "He's a real good looking kid. He was excited. We came in on the same plane. I talked to him a lot about joining me at Miami. He's 50/50 right now between Miami and Arizona State. He was a brother playing an hour away at Arizona State and I understand how hard it can be to leave home. But I told him that had I waited, I could have had a chance to play at some of the schools out here in Texas, close to home. I didnt though because I knew that Miami was a really special place. Arizona State might be a great program but they're not going to compete for national championships like we will here. They're not going to be as attractive to the NFL and send as many kids to the NFL as we will here. That's what is making it so hard for him."

Freeman said as he left Miller for the weekend, he had a couple of final comments for the talented tight end.

"I told him that I owe it to myself to go away from home and have a chance that will be so special to me," he said. "We're going to win some championships here and I hope to play in the NFL some day and make big money. That's when I can go back home and support my family. I'm hoping he feels the same way."

Freeman said one of the highlights of his visit was a trip to the Orange Bowl.

"We had our jerseys on, the music was going, and the smoke was coming up," he said. "Everyone was getting so pumped. I looked around and I know Charlie (Jones) and some of the guys agreed with me, if this doesn't want to make you want to come to the University of Miami and be part of this special place, then I don't know what else to say. Me, personally, I can't wait."

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