Leggett Provides The Latest

For the third time in as many weeks, UM coaches were in the home of Arlington (Texas) Grace Prep standout wide receiver Lance Leggett on Monday night. Unfortunately, Leggett was at track practice for most of the meeting so it was mostly Curtis Johnson visiting with Leggett's father.

"CJ was out here again," his father said. "I like that guy. He keeps it real everytime. There's nothing he hides, he's totally straight-forward. He talks straight from the heart. He's my kind of guy."

He's also the kind of guy that Mr. Leggett believes can maximize his son's potential on the football field.

"I've told Lance, just look at the quality of kids he puts into the league every year," he said. "Not everyone has done that. CJ can prove it. There's proof. He knows how to toughen guys up and get them headed in the right direction. It's like a farm system (for the NFL) there and he knows what to do with a good receiver when he gets one."

Mr. Leggett said he believes his son is starting to get a good feel for where he's going to eventually end up.

"I think they got Lance now," he said. "I really do. I know his opinion of Chris Leak at Florida is keeping them into it but Lance wants to make the big bucks someday just like anyone else and he's starting to realize where he'll have the best opportunity to do that at."

The talented receiver weighed in with his thoughts on the latest happenings.

"Miami's really making a strong push," he said. "I can tell how much they really want me. I love Coach CJ and so does my dad. We both know what he's done at Miami and what he could do with me if I went."

Leggett, however, is still considering a few other schools. Florida is one of them and so is Texas A&M, which received a visit from Leggett this past weekend.

"It's nice and everything there," he said. "I've been there before. I'm trying to come back home, though."

The 6-4, 180-pounder talked about the type of competition he could enjoy at UM.

"At Miami, I know there will be major competition," he said. "They get the best receivers every year. That's why so many guys leave their so ready to play at the next level. It's like they're already in the NFL. Not only would I have a chance to compete with the best receivers every day, I'd be going up against the best defensive backs too. That's what I'm talkin about."

Despite such strong interest in the Hurricanes, Leggett said he has no time table for announcing a final decision.

"I don't know when I'll do it," he said. "It could be soon or it might be later. I'm going back to Miami with my dad (next week) for another trip so I'll get to see the players and coaches again."

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