Tyler McMeans Q&A

Tyler McMeans is an offensive lineman from Lackawanna Junior College in Pennsylvania who enrolled early at Miami and began practicing with the team on December 20. McMeans spent four years in the Marines after high school and played two years at Lackawanna. He talked about his military experience and his options out of high school.

Was college football an option out of high school?

I didn't have the grades so it really wasn't an option. So I decided to go to the Marines. That is why I went to a junior college first, I still didn't have the grades. So I went to a juco and I did when I needed to do to get down here.

Was college football something that you wanted to do out of high school?

It was, but I was my knowledge of jucos was really small at the time so it wasn't an issue. It was when I was in the Marines when I realized I wanted to come back and play.

How did you decided on going to a certain junior college while you were in the Marines?

I just did some research and went on the internet. Bryant McKinnie went to my junior college so that obviously showed that the road he took worked for him and it interested me a bit.

Did you know Bryant McKinnie?

No I didn't, I've never met him.

Did you walk-on at Lackawanna Junior College?

Yeah, you just go there and play. That is how it is in juco.

What were your playing days like at Lackawanna?

I spent about a year and a half there. It was a good time. It refreshed me with football and that is what got me here. This year we went 8-3.

What was your Marine experience like?

It was great. It was the best four years of my life. Just real diverse and able to be around every culture. You have to be open-minded.

Where did you travel with the Marines?

Pretty much all over the place. In the states, I was in Seattle, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia. I also went to Japan, Okinawa and the Mohave Desert in California.

What were your jobs and responsibilities in the Marines?

I was in CQB closed quarter battles. Kind of like SWAT team stuff is the best way to describe to anyone else. We just trained to take down buildings and stuff like that.

Since you were in closed quarter battles, were you one of the biggest guys?

Yeah, I was always the biggest.

What do some of your friends in the military think about you playing football at the University of Miami?

I am sure they are pretty proud of me, at least my closest friends. They probably think its cool. It's a cool story I guess.

Do you have any thoughts on the comment made by a Hurricane player earlier in the year in reference to being a soldier and that football is war?

No I don't have any opinion on that. If you take people literally for saying stuff like that, that is your own issue. I have no problem with the comments. It is pretty crazy out there on the field, emotions run high especially with young people.

Do you have friends still stationed in the Middle East?


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