Recruit Now Has UM No. 1

Orlando (Fla.) Oak Ridge standout defensive lineman Joe Joseph left his Orlando home on Friday with Miami and Florida as his co-favorites. When he returned home from his visit to UM, that has changed slightly. "Miami's now my No. 1," Joseph said.

"Maybe it's because I just got back from Miami and it's all fresh in my mind but they're the best team I've seen so far."

Joseph, 6-2 1/2 and 272 pounds, spoke very highly of his visit to UM.

"It was great," he said. "I really liked the whole thing. The first night we went to the Orange Bowl and they had jerseys with all our high school numbers and names on them. We put them on and ran through the smoke at their stadium like they do before their games. It felt like 'this is me. I'm on top.' We all really enjoyed that."

As much as Joseph enjoyed that part of his trip, it was watching practice on Saturday that stood out the most.

"The practice is what made the biggest difference," he said. "I couldn't believe the intensity. I ain't see it like that before. Their defensive line is real well coached. They're deep but they let the best guys play. One freshman had 10 sacks this year. They said there's always room for the best players and I feel like I can become one. Part of the reason is because there's so much competition. They don't have one or two great players, they have a bunch of them and they're all trying to compete for playing time. When you take the best guys from a group like that, they're gonna be pretty good."

The talented defensive lineman had a chance to meet with UM head coach Larry Coker earlier today.

"I actually met all the coaches," he said. "They're all real cool. Coach Coker was telling me about how they are interested in me. He wasn't pressing me. He knows I have some real good choices out there and told me just to take my time and make the decision that I feel is best. He thinks that would be Miami."

Joseph has already visited South Carolina and has two more visits lined up in January.

"I'm going to Florida and Tennessee on the 9th and 16th," he said. "I won't make a commitment until after those. Right now, Miami is first."

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