Q & A With Martin Bibla

Martin Bibla forms part of perhaps the finest offensive line in all of college football and gives the impression he is casual about the wave of success he is riding. But forget the blond, surfer do that adorns his head; The spots of red that color his cheeks; The flip-flops that cover his feet.

The senior right guard of the No. 1 University of Miami has his priorities all lined up. And a day at the beach is way down on the list (although, seafood isn't). It doesn't take long to realize where Bibla's head is.

Just talk to him. He'll let you know.

Q: Is there anytime during a game where you kind of back off a little? Take the play off?
A: You can't afford to take any plays off. This is a fast game and you would get your head taken off. There are our people ready to take your job as well. Part of the reason why good players become great players and great players become Hall of Famers is because they go all out all the time. I want to be a great player. I can't afford the luxury of not playing hard. I was taught to go hard all the time. Besides, it isn't in me.

Q: What is required to become an All-American offensive-lineman?
A: Knowledge of the game; make sure you have the offensive playbook down; unity with the rest of the line; a little nastiness.

Q: The press clippings rarely come your away. Instead, Joaquin Gonzalez and Bryant McKinnie get most of the credit for the accomplishments of the offensive-line. Does that bother you in anyway?
A: I don't worry myself with that stuff. I know I have a job to do and go out there and do it to the best of my ability. There is nothing I can do about it, anyway. All I can control is how I play football. I kind of like staying in the background and going unnoticed. We are all very close and we pull for each other. There is not a selfish player among us.

Q: Part of being a great offensive line is how well five guys can get along-on and off the field. What's the chemistry like between you guys?
A: We are a very tight group. We go everywhere together. All of us worked out together all spring and summer. We hang out together off the field, too. We go to the movies and have cook outs at each other's houses. There is definitely a strong bond.

Q: Your favorite cookout?
A: Joaquin takes us to his parent's (Joaquin Sr. and Maria) house down in the Keys for a seafood feast. They always have the works-shrimp, lobster, stonecrab, fish. And a lot of Cuban desert. Imagine six or seven offensive linemen around a dinner table. I don't have to tell you it can get pretty nasty. Now, you know why offensive linemen have a little extra around our waistlines.

Q: Is it a little too much for a guy from Mountiantop, Pennsylvania?
A: I've been to plenty of them already to know what's coming. Besides in Miami, you better get used to all the food. It's crazy, man.

Q: With all the attention Joaquin and Bryant get it is you that NFL scouts are keeping eye on. Any thoughts?
A: Playing professional football has been a dream of mine ever since I was seven years old. To be able to suit up at the next level would be the icing on the cake. All the years of hard work would pay off. That would be awesome.

Q: There is even talk that you might be snatched up in the first or second-round of the draft?
A: Obviously, that is great to have people in the game talking about you that way. But I still have business to take care and will not stop playing at the highest level. Although, getting recognized certainly makes me feel good.

Q: You have been a model of consistency at Miami started last 26 regular-season games; 28 straight starts, including bowl games; 32 career starts.
A: I pride myself on being ready and just ready to go when called upon. Its one of the things that drive me to become a better player.

Q: What are some of the goals you have set up for yourself this season?
A: I've done everything possible to get stronger and quicker, but I feel my technique and fundementals can only get better. I like to study a lot of film. That can only help. We feed off each other, but the team always comes first

Q: So what are the team goals?
A: Winning a national championship no doubt is at the top of the list. Last year, kind of left a sour taste in our mouths and we want to do everything possible to erase it. Also we set a goal this season of not giving up a sack. We gave up one all of last year.

Q: What are you like before a game?
A: A mad man. I'll be jumping around and just screaming and going around getting everybody fired up. It's pretty intense down there. Joaquin is also pretty scary looking before a game.

Q: What's it like in the huddle during a game?
A: Very focused. Kenny (Dorsey) has everything under control, although there are times when some of other veterans speak up as well. It's all business. The only times we start having a little fun is when we're up 20 points or something on a team. Guys will start joking around then.

Q: Who are the young pups on the offensive-line that people need to keep close tabs on?
A: Carlos Joseph and Vernon Carey; I think Vernon has been a little overshadowed his entire career. He's one of the guys who has very little flaws in his game. Joseph is a giant. I can't imagine him not becoming a great player here.

Q: Did Florida State losing to North Carolina take a little of the luster away from your matchup Oct. 13?
A: A little bit, but the UM-FSU rivalry is still the best in college football and anything can happen. They had too many good athetes on the team not to be ready for us. Its too bad they lost because they we're ranked as high as before, but it was still a tough game.

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