Highsmith Slated For January Arrival

Former Miami (Fla.) Central standout linebacker Ali Highsmith signed with the University of Miami in February and failed to gain admission into school back in August. He's been patiently waiting ever since.

"I've been chillin ever since then," Highsmith said on Tuesday night. "I just been hittin the weights and doing a lot of running, conditioning stuff. I wanna be ready for whenever I get a chance to finally get back on the field."

The talented linebacker said it feels like forever since he last put the pads on.

"It seems like such a long time ago," he said. "I can hardly wait. I'm really hungry to get back out there. I told (Miami's coaches) that it doesn't matter who's doing what out there because I'm coming to take someone's position. They might have some good ones but they aint got nobody like me out there and I'm gonna show 'em whats up."

Highsmith was forced to re-take the SAT after having his score challenged back in August. He said he then received a passing score.

"I did what they told me I needed to do," he said. "I'm just waiting on admissions right now. They're finishing up some paperwork or something like that. I'm gonna start school on January 20th and I'll start practicing again when spring football starts. Eric (Moncur) is there already and can practice for the bowl game because his situation was a little different than mine. I'm gonna be there, though."

The former Central star said he's followed the Canes closely this season during his time off.

"I watched most of the games but I only went to one," he said. "I went to the Florida game. It was wild and fun. I'm gonna try going to the Orange Bowl."

Speaking of the Orange Bowl, Highsmith offered up some interesting insight when asked for his opinion on the game.

"Hey," he said, "Florida State beat Florida back in 96 and then Florida turned around and beat them for the national title in the Sugar Bowl. Anything can happen. It's really hard to beat a team twice in the same season, especially a team like Florida State. I hope (the Hurricanes) come out and play well."

Highsmith again addressed the fact that he plans on going in this spring and making a difference on the UM defensive unit.

"They're losing a lot of guys," he said. "Young guys are gonna need to step up. I'm a sam (linebacker) but I'll play wherever. Just give me a chance and I'll do my thing. I'll probably compete with Rocky McIntosh. I'll play, I'll do something. I can play special teams, whatever they need me to do."

The talented defender said he wants to make it very clear that people will know who he is when he hits the field in March.

"It'll be over a year since I last strapped it up," he said. "I feel sorry for whoever is on the other side of the ball when it's my turn. I'm out there to do something. People are gonna recognize me out there, I promise you that."

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