Leggett Close To Decision

For the coaching staffs at the University of Miami and the University of Florida, there may not be a more heavily recruited player anywhere in the entire country this year than Arlington (Texas) Grace Prep Academy standout wide receiver Lance Leggett.

At 6-foot-4 and 185 pounds, Leggett is now enjoying the break after a very busy schedule in December.

"After our season ended, the coaches started coming by the house and it seemed like it never stopped," Leggett said. "Coaches from schools I really hadn't been hearing from even wanted to come by. I don't know why."

One of the reasons Leggett's had such a tough time narrowing down his list of choices is because of the excitement that each visit creates.

"I took four of my visits real early," he said. "They were all a lot of fun. I learned some things about each of them when I was there."

Leggett talked a little more about each of his five visits, starting with his first trip to Oklahoma in late August.

Oklahoma -- "That was my first visit so I really didn't know what to expect," he said. "It was a real nice place. They are real serious about football there and they have a nice program. I hung out a lot with Mark Clayton. He's another kid from Texas. He was telling me how everything changed when he got to Oklahoma. He said he couldn't bench (press) 130 pounds when he got there and now he's one of the best receivers in the entire country. But there was something missing there, I just didn't feel real comfortable there."

Miami -- "I had actually been in Miami a few months earlier, when me and my dad went there over the summer," he said. "The official visit was real tight. I had so much fun with those guys. I was with Ryan Moore, Kellen Winslow, everyone. I was in the hotel a lot because they had a big game that day. I saw the atmosphere there for a big game and it was pretty nice. Miami seemed to have everything I looked for and I left there thinking that's where I wanna go."

Florida -- "I went to Florida a week later," he said. "They showed me a great time. It was real tight there too. Their coaches are real nice and the players are real cool. The area isn't like Miami, it's more of a college atmosphere. I met Chris Leak and he's a big reason why I still like them a lot right now. I didn't think it could match what I saw in Miami but it was a great visit."

Purdue -- "My quarterback (David Ramirez) is going there so I wanted to check it out too," he said. "I wasn't really feeling it though. It was nice but wasn't like Miami or Florida."

Texas A&M -- "I went there just a few weeks ago," he said. "I had been there before but the official visit was different. It was so much better. There's a lot to do there and I like the area but then after awhile I realized it's not like Miami and Florida."

Now the standout receiver is trying to choose between the Hurricanes and Gators. He has received several in-home visits from coaches at both schools.

"Coaches CJ, Coker, and Werner have been at my house to see me," he said. "They even went to see my mama back home here. She was real happy about that. She really likes them. Coach Fedora at Florida's cool too. Him and CJ are different though. I love CJ. He's the kind of guy I could see myself playing for. He knows how to prepare guys to play in the league."

After school let out for the holiday break, Leggett flew back home to Lakeland, where he'll stay until early January.

"I'm either going back for the All-Star game in Texas," he said. "They have been talking to me on the phone a lot the last few days, talking about getting me to come out there. I just want to play because I heard the nation's best cornerback, a kid from Ohio (Ted Ginn) is playing. I want the whole country to see what will happen if he lined up on me. If I don't play in that, I'm going back on the 10th."

Leggett and his father plan on taking an unofficial visit to Miami before the holiday break is over.

"If I don't play in the all-star game then my daddy and I will be back in Miami on the 2nd," he said. "We can't go earlier because of the dead period."

Leggett said he will likely have a final decision within the next few weeks.

"I'm getting sick of all the calls and everything," he said. "I just want things to be back to normal. I'm gonna make a final decision real soon."

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