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Jon Beason is a freshman from Miramar and played at Chaminade-Madonna Prep School. Beason came to Miami as a highly regarded safety who also played extensively at fullback. He was named the MVP of the Dade/Broward All-Star game and plays with a lot of energy and competitiveness.

This year Beason was switched from safety to fullback in the second week of two-a-days because of injuries to other fullbacks. Beason showed promise at fullback before separating his shoulder that required season-ending surgery. He is likely to receive a medical redshirt this year.

How has the season gone for you personally?

It has been very frustrating. I have never had to deal with watching my teammates from the sideline. It has been difficult not traveling, but I try to be as supportive as I can. Just watching things from the sideline and telling them, ‘you could of done this' or congratulate them, or tell them to keep their head up. It has been difficult.

How were things going prior to your injury?

At fullback, I thought things were going real good. I felt like I was being impressive. My playing time was just about to start showing.

When did you get hurt?

I damaged it during two-a-day practices, but I kept playing through it. It was giving me a lot of problems, so I went into the training room and got treatment on it. John Uribe looked at it and then I got an MRI on it.

When did you stop playing?

My last game was the Florida game and I watched the ECU game, I did not dress out for it. I had not had surgery yet. I had surgery the next week.

How much work have you been doing with rehab?

Pretty much as soon as I was cleared to run, I would put about two miles a day on the treadmill. Before that I was riding about 40 minutes on the bike before they cleared me for jogging. Right after that, I would do all leg exercises. I couldn't do squats because I cant put the bar on my shoulder. I did leg curls, hip flexors, extensions, all that. I was in there religiously every other day. Rehab was Monday through Saturday, every single day. Rehab went good. For the last three weeks, I have been doing a lot of gassers, 110's. In the last two weeks coach Swasey has been taking me out two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and do defensive back drills. Trying to get back into it.

Is it a lot nicer being at the stage you are at now instead of running?

Yeah, actually I was late to work out one day on the treadmill and Swasey made me do 30 110's. Most people would be like, ‘aw man, I have to run 30 110's', but I was happy because I got to be back out on the grass and running. I still enjoyed being back on the field running around.

What side of the ball would you prefer to play on?

If it were up to me, I would play both sides. But at the University of Miami there are great guys at every position. They wouldn't need me to play both. If the defensive coach wants me to play defense, then I will play defense. If the offensive coach wants me to play offense, then I will play offense. Right now I think I should go play defense because that is what I came here to do.

What position do you see yourself playing at Miami?

Safety, it doesn't matter between free safety or strong safety.

What is your body size like right now?

Right now I am about 6-1, 212.

Is that where you want to be?

My body fat is high right now because I haven't been able to work out. I would like to play at about 216, 217.

What do you remember about your high school playing days?

In high school, I remember that we worked hard, we had a great team. We were very focused on trying to win a championship. We were a tight-knit group. I just remember between now and then, is the pressure. In high school I had a lot of pressure on me because I was the leader, I had to make plays, lead and step up in certain situations. Here I haven't experienced that because I haven't played that much. That is the biggest difference for me.

Do you think it is tough for some players to adjust from being the star in high school to being part of the unit at Miami?

Yeah I think that some people aren't as mature. They don't have a good grasp of how it works in college and it is tough for them to adjust. They have to understand that you have to put in the time to learn the plays. It is a trust issue. The coaches have to trust you. When I was at fullback, I felt I was the best man at the job regardless if it was running, catching, or blocking. But then again, experience comes into play. You can't play someone who might mess up a play and blow a protection assignment. It is an experience thing and you grow in the program. The coach will not want to put you on the field if you aren't ready.

Who are some of the guys on the team that you are close to?

Obviously the freshmen class, we work out together. We spend more time together. All of the freshmen class is a pretty tight-knit group. Just the freshman class in general. Out of the older guys, I would say Kellen always looks out for me. He tells me ‘try to do this, try to do that.' But I think I'm pretty close with a lot of guys on the team on a personal level.

What kind of things do you like to do for fun?

Relax, hang out with boys and play NCAA 2004 on PlayStation 2. I play with Vegas Franklin, Glenn Cook, Cyrim Wimbs, Kevin Beard, Carl Walker, and Tavares Gooden. Everybody pretty much plays, but its just a matter of when you have time to play.

Who's the best at NCAA 2004?

Kevin Beard. Actually we had a tournament in our dorm and he won it. He was supposed to play against another dorm, but he had practice so he missed it. I've never played him though.

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