DL Now Favoring Canes

New Orleans (La.) Kennedy standout defensive end Dion Gales makes no secret about how he stacks up against some other top players in the area. "We had our local all-star game here last Sunday at The Dome and I showed everyone what's up," Gales said.

"A lot of people talk about all these other cats as being one of the best in the whole nation. I just don't get it. The media hypes up people they like I guess."

The talented defensive end showcased his ability in a game that also featured defensive tackles Marlon Favorite and Darryl Richard. Gales commented.

"Come on man," he said. "Marlon had two tackles the whole game. They put him on the offensive line when they couldn't block me in the first half and I still couldn't be blocked. I finished with eight tackles, three sacks, one caused fumble. I was just having fun out there. I got a MVP Trophy for it. A real big one, too."

Gales, 6-foot-4 and 260 pounds, played end in that game and during the season and said he plans on playing there in college.

"I hear about all these people getting moved to tackle because they're a certain size," he said. "The thing is, the fast ones play end. I think I can play there because of my speed. I just run around big guys trying to block me. It ain't nothing. But I wouldn't care if I played tackle. It'll just be something different I'd have to learn. I still wouldn't get blocked."

The talented defensive lineman is gearing up for several January visits but when asked about his college choice, he only mentioned two programs.

"It's between Miami and LSU," he said. "Those are my favorites. I love Miami. LSU is tight too. Miami's on top right now, though."

Like many top players in the state of Louisiana, Gales is feeling a lot of pressure to stay close to home. He talked about that.

"All these guys around here look hard at LSU and most of them go," he said. "The thing is, though, LSU ain't for everyone. Sometimes people are gonna find other places. I know I really like Miami right now. I go there for a visit on the 23rd."

Gales said he's been high on the Hurricanes for a long time and talked about becoming a Cane.

"I know if I went, not many people would know about me," he said. "The other guys would have all the hype. That's the way I like it. It don't matter how many guys they have playing defensive end, I'm gonna prove I'm one of the best. Maybe not right away because they got guys that have been playing for awhile now but I'll get my turn. And when I do, watch out. I'm telling you man, I aint like the rest of those guys. I don't like people knowing much about me. I let my actions on the field speak for me."

Gales will make a final decision sometime in late January. He also plans on taking visits to West Virginia, Michigan State, and Illinois.

"I got Miami and LSU in late January so I'll know for sure after those two," he said. "But right now, Miami's my team."

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