BCS Rankings Will Change

A big, giant (computerized I may add) mosquito hovers around Coral Gables. It's creating quite a buzz. It's there and mighty hard to ignore.

Hell, it follows Miami head coach Larry Coker just about everywhere he goes- car, living room, office, bathroom (well, maybe not everywhere).

It doesn't follow Coker around because he stinks. Quite the contrary- IT stinks.

"You have to be totally brian dead not to notice it," says Coker.

"I don't like it, but its there" agrees UM sophomore linebacker Jonathan Vilma.

Through it the Hurricanes football team will rise or fall for the next two months. Therefore, it is hard to blame Hurricanes players, coaches and fans for feeling the way they do. Read carefully: today, at least.

It is the B#*!@ C*!*! S&*!#* rankings aka....The Bowl Championship Series rankings.

The first installment of this flawed system (with seven more to come) probably sent all Hurricanes alike reaching for the Malox bottle by way of a No. 4 ranking.

But the Hurricanes would do alright just to keep the built up steam within themselves and take it out on future opponents (feel sorry for Temple, Syracuse, and Washington). Instead of throwing TV sets out of dorm windows and taking to the streets of Miami.

It's not necessary.

Yeah after last year's snub the Hurricanes might have a good reason or two to feel down in the dumps. What do we have to do, is probably the overwhelming sentiment all around the Gables.

"All we can do is keep winning and things will take care of themselves," says Coker.

Right on, Larry. It's only October, you shouldn't be worried.

It (that thing we call the BCS rankings) will change faster than Madonna's hair color.

Nobody should be concerned with the current make-up of the BCS(especially if you live in Washington or Oregon.) It will go under a serious transformation- starting with the conclusion of Saturday's college football menu.

It's only the first week of this crap. There is plenty of crap to come in the coming weeks. Those computer averages and schedule rankings will go up and down like a quality seesaw (by the way, where is Florida in all this mess ?).

Let's try and make sense of this thing (for this week).

On there way up: Either No. 1 Oklahoma or No. 2 Nebraska, they play each other, will grab a strong grip of next Monday's BCS edition and earn a few more brownie points to separate themselves from the pack.

Next up, No. 3 UCLA. Many are pointing towards the Bruins as the best team in the country. We'll find out just how good the Bruins really are beginning Saturday when they travel to Palo Alto to meet Stanford. Stanford, who just finished putting the brakes to Oregon's Rose Bowl aspirations, can score and if there is one thing the Bruins have a history of its skeptical D. Should UCLA get pass Stanford, they have Washington State and Oregon to follow, not an easy stretch. If UCLA wins out their ‘quality win' column in the rankings will undoubtedly put them in Pasadena.

The Bruins will fall to the Cardinal

The Hurricanes, although undefeated, probably can't do themselves too much good this week, playing West Virginia at home. In turn, No. 5 Virginia Tech plays Syracuse, a little tougher opponent.

Even with a victory, Miami could slip this week. The Mountaineers are 2-4, while Syracuse is 6-2. Strength of schedules are oh, so important. The Hurricanes have the 92nd toughest schedule in the nation. The Hokies? 47th in the nation. Advantage, Virginia Tech. UM could take care of all that with a W in Blacksburg, Dec. 1.

But for now, Miami should be rooting for Florida State to drill No. 8 Maryland and for Penn State to take care of Ohio State in Happy Valley on Saturday. And a UCLA loss wouldn't hurt UM, either.

With the meat of their schedule yet to come, the Hurricanes could rise in the BCS in the weeks to come. Problem is teams like Michigan, Maryland, Washington State, Tennessee and even Florida (that's right) are still lurking around.

Put an asterisk by the Vols, Gators or Cougars as sleeping giants in this whole thing. Tennessee, at No. 9, could sky rocket up the charts this week with a win over South Carolina. And the Vols still have dates remaining with Notre Dame (don't ask me why they still count) and Florida remaining. Although less likely to happen, Washington State could earn a spot for the roses with a clean sweep of their last four games- Oregon, UCLA, Arizona State and Washington. Florida, who plays No. 17 Georgia, finishes the year @ South Carolina, Florida State and Tennessee. Not to mention, the SEC title game a week later.

UF should earn a spot in the Rose Bowl if they sweep through that resume. As for Miami? They should start praying for a UCLA setback. I think those prayers will be answered.

Florida-Miami in the Rose Bowl, anyone?

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