DL Cancels UM Visit

Defensive tackle Marlon Favorite was scheduled to visit the University of Miami this weekend but it has been cancelled. "I just haven't heard from them in awhile so I just went ahead and cancelled it," he said.

"I was hanging out with a bunch of guys at the all-star game and we talked a lot about that kind of stuff. Early (Doucet) said he was there already and he said it wasn't that hot, wasn't what everyone makes it out to be. Darryl (Richard) is still going because he likes Miami a lot."

Favorite is back from the trip to San Antonio for the all-star game. He talked about some of the highlights of the trip.

"The whole week was so fun," he said. "Just getting a chance to practice and prepare with some of the best players in the country was great. In high school, I was always one of the biggest guys and out there, everyone was big and strong. They were all quick. I think it really prepared us for what it's gonna be like at the next level."

Favorite also entered into the talent show and came out victorious. In fact, he was surprised to learn that NBC aired part of his performance on national TV.

"Besides football, I also dance to perform," he said. "I love dancing and I've been doing it my whole life. When I heard they showed it on NBC, I was caught a little off guard. That was a lot of fun though."

The other highlight of his trip to Texas was getting a chance to meet talented young singer Alicia Keys.

"That was so tight," he said. "When she was performing, me and one of my teammates slipped past security and got real close. I said, 'I love you Alicia,' and she then blew me a kiss. I was so happy about that too."

The talented defensive tackle will visit Southern Cal on Jan. 16, followed by Tulane and LSU. He'll make a decision in late January. He also talked about some of the players on the East side.

"One guy, Williams was his last name, he had golds in the front, he was talking a lot about Miami," he said. "There was a D-Lineman (Aaron Jones) that was talking about Miami and also Florida State. I couldn't believe how many guys on the East team talked about Miami."

The All-American Bowl was the second all-star game in three weeks for Favorite. He played in a local one just before Christmas.

"I met that Dion (Gales) cat at a press conference before the game," he said. "He was like 6-4, 6-5 and about 255 pounds. He had a nice build so I figured he was gonna be good. He went out there and had a great game. He was really, really good."

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