Anderson Has One Visit Left

Oak Creek, Wisc. standout defensive lineman Rhyan Anderson has taken four of his five recruiting trips already. He has just one left. "I've been to USC, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Florida already," Anderson said. "I'll be going to Miami on the 16th. That'll be it. Then I'm gonna sit down and figure out which one is best."

The talented defensive lineman talked about each of those four schools.

"USC, the visit there was cold," he said. "I loved it. They have a great program and I liked the area. Ohio State, I like the coaching there. Whenever the coach comes over, he's real cool. We play video games and stuff together. Oklahoma, I used to live there and they were just in the championship game. Florida was nice too."

Now Anderson's gearing up for his trip to Miami. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound defensive end has noticed the Hurricanes have just one commitment at defensive end.

"I know Miami has (Calais) Campbell committed," he said. "That's it. I love the way Miami plays defense. They have a lot of speed and they really get after it. I used to live in Tampa when I was little but I've never been to Miami. My cousin used to go to school at (FIU) and he said the area was real tight. I keep hearing how cold (nice) it is there."

Anderson, who can max out at roughly 430 pounds on the bench press, said he's looking for a place where he feels most comfortable.

"I just want to be comfortable around the players and the coaches," he said. "Some of the teams have a lot of defensive ends already. I really don't care about that because I feel like they don't have anybody that's going to outwork me once I get there and I don't think anyone will work harder than me over the summer. I don't care how many All-Americans they have or how many they bring in. I'm gonna let 'em know whats up because I'm coming to work hard."

The standout defender said he had a chance to watch a lot of bowl games this year and he commented on the Orange Bowl.

"Miami's defense played great," he said. "It has all year. They always do. I thought about how well I'd fit in with those guys. I can't wait to take my visit there. I'm already doing research on what other players are gonna be there the same week as me."

Being recruited by Miami came as a surprise to Anderson very early in the process.

"When you think about Miami, you figure they always get all their defensive linemen from Florida," he said. "Yeah, I know they go outside the state sometimes but I never thought they'd come all the way up here to Wisconsin. I'm so happy they did. I don't know for sure but I think it's been a long time since they had a player on their team from Wisconsin."

Anderson is a full academic qualifier.

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