Dukes Down to Three

When it comes to producing wide receivers for the college game, it's tough for schools to match up with Belle Glade (Fla.) Glades Central in that department. This year, they will again produce one of the best in the entire country.

At 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds, Albert Dukes finished his senior season with 46 receptions for 946 yards and 13 touchdowns.

"I didn't play against anyone that could slow me down," Dukes said. "I feel like I'm as good as anyone out there and I'm ready to go prove it. We have an all-star game next Saturday so I'm looking forward to that."

Dukes certainly doesn't lack confidence. However, when it comes to comparing depth charts for various college programs, that is something he looked closely at.

"I feel like wherever I go I'll be better than the guys they have," he said. "And the guys who have the edge with experience, I'll just outwork them. But the thing is, I don't wanna redshirt and if a team already has a certain number of established receivers, I'm not sure how much I'd like that."

Dukes, who is just one point short on the ACT, said he's narrowed his list down to three.

"It's going to be Ohio State, N.C. State, or Miami," he said. "Ohio State and N.C. State have already offered me a scholarship and I think Miami is getting close. I went to Ohio State last month for a trip. I was with Santonio (Holes) and Chris Gamble. They love it there and it seems like I could fit in too. I got NC State set up for the 23rd so I'll go see what they're all about. Me and Garland (Heath) are pretty tight. I'm not sure about Miami yet, it might be on the 30th."

The talented receiver said he's not sure if Miami is as high on him as the other two at this point.

"I haven't heard from Miami since about a week before the break," he said. "I'm hoping they call soon so we can get that visit scheduled. Having a chance to play close to home at a program like that would be really nice. I feel like I'd have lots of good competition there. I just gotta wait to see what they do and then figure things out after my visits."

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