DL Goes Indepth on Recruiting

Miami (Fla.) Edison standout defensive tackle Richard Clebert was born and raised in Miami and is very familiar with a lot of the area's top prospects. He also had a chance to hang out with several of them at the CaliFlorida Bowl last week. He spoke about several players.

"When I was in Cali, I was chillin with Bobby (Washington), JR (Bryant), Trevor Ford from The West, and guys like that," Clebert said. "We were all trying to represent. Bobby's just trying to get his grades, he's going to night school now. JR said he's not going to Miami. Trevor was talking about FSU and Miami and I don't think he wants to go to Miami either."

The talented defensive lineman did spend some time with some players that talked about going to UM.

"My boy Antonio Dixon, he said they have offered him a scholarship," he said. "He also likes Florida but he'll probably end up at UM. He just needs to get a little higher on the test too. There was a kid named Joe Joseph who played defensive end in the game. He was really quick and agile. People say he might play tackle but he wasn't real strong. I guess if he works hard, he can be. But he's really good. He's straight. He said Miami was his leader."

Clebert had a chance to play against Bobby Washington three times in the last two seasons. He then became the running back's teammate during all star week. He talked about what type of runner he is.

"Bobby wants to break everything to the outside," he said. "He doesn't like going between the guards. But he's really good because he has a chance to take it to the house everytime he hits the outside. That's what makes him so good. He'll average about eight yards a carry."

The talented defensive lineman also provided an update on his own recruiting status.

"I have already been to Rutgers and it was tight," he said. "I loved it there. I like everything about it except I just don't know if I could go there in the end because you just don't get to play in the big games like Miami/Florida State or Ohio State/Michigan. That's part of why you go play college, to get hyped for games like that. I need that man and I ain't gonna get it at Rutgers. Me and a bunch of us (at Edison) are going to South Florida tomorrow to see what it's like. I got Nebraska on the 16th, UM on the 23rd, and then Florida State on the 30th."

Clebert, 6-1 and 282 pounds, received good news recently from the Seminoles.

"Florida State just offered me," he said. "It felt great because I know that I now have a chance to play in that Miami/Florida State game every year. That's what I want."

Clebert's still waiting on a scholarship offer from the Hurricanes. He's been talking to UM receivers coach Curtis Johnson, who recruits Edison, on a regular basis.

"He's talking about how they're waiting for me to get my grades first," he said. "That kinda bothers me because I know they probably offered other kids that haven't qualified yet, like Dixon. But on the otherhand, they did sign a bunch of guys last year that weren't qualified and it hurt them. Only a couple got into school. If UM doesn't offer me, I'll probably just go to Florida State. I'm gonna see what's up with UM when I go there for my trip."

Clebert bench presses 450 pounds and was a varsity wrestler as a freshman. The talented defensive lineman feels like he could make an impact at UM.

"They'll have a couple seniors, Kareem Brown, and a couple freshmen," he said. "Kareem's straight but I think I can beat out the freshmen. I know nobody is gonna work harder than me. Nobody will be much stronger than me. I just gotta go in there and do my thing. I really hope they do (offer me)."

Clebert is just one point short on the ACT. He's waiting for test results to come back in from a December test and will re-take in early February if he's not qualified by then.

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