Rolle Discusses Decision To Return

Junior Antrel Rolle officially announced today that he will return for his senior year at the University of Miami. The announcement gives fans of the Hurricanes a shot of optimism as it instantly adds stability to a young defense in 2004. He spoke with CanesTime about his decision to return.

What feedback did you get from coach Coker on your choice?
I pretty much knew what I was going to do and when I met with him I just wanted him to be the first to know that is all. I really didn't speak to him about helping me decide or anything.

What was the projection you received form the NFL Advisory Committee on your draft projection?
They thought I'd be a late first rounder or anywhere in the second round.

What was the main factor in you deciding to return?
I think there is a lot I can do better that I haven't proven yet. I think there are DB skills I need to brush up on and I also want to get my degree.

What specific skills do you need to work on in your opinion?
Really all of the DB skills. I want to improve my break on the ball and my speed. I want to improve all around with the fundamentals. My game speed is fine and I'm not worried about that but I want to work on my 40 time. That needs to improve some.

Do you know what your 40 time is currently?
No, I haven't run it in a long time. I had a cast on my leg last summer and didn't run one.

Do you plan to take on a leadership role with the secondary and perhaps the team next year?
Yes, I plan to lead these guys to a National Championship or at least compete for it. I think it will be my role and my place and my time to step up next year and do that.

Do you have any specific goals for yourself next year?
My goals go without saying and that is just to play ball. Do my best every time I'm on that field.

When did you know you were returning for your senior year?
A while ago. Actually during the Florida State game [Orange Bowl] I was on the bench and was kind of off to myself and I was looking around and told myself I was not ready to leave yet. I really wanted to come back.

What were your thoughts on the Orange Bowl?
A lot of people didn't expect much from either team because we played each other already and we start the season against them next year but they don't know what it's like to be a player. A football player is a football player. I'm going to be ready for a game even if it is the worst team in the league. I'm always going to be ready.

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