Eric Moncur Q&A

Eric Moncur is defensive lineman from Carol City High School who recently was admitted to the University of Miami and began practicing with the team in preparation for the bowl game. Moncur was one of the state's best defensive linemen last year and should be a solid contributor as a defensive end for the Hurricanes.

It was good for Moncur to practice with the team before the bowl game and looks forward to spring practices.

How did practices go for you in preparation for the bowl game?

They went real good help getting the team ready for the bowl game. It was a good experience for me as far as being able to be out there against those guys.

What have you been up to these past few months?

I worked out off and on. I studied for my test and when I passed, all I had to do was keep working out to get ready for practice.

When did you find out that you would be able to practice?

I found out in mid-November.

In the summer you put up some good numbers in the weight room, where are you right now with the weights?

I'm not sure what all that is right now, but I know I got a little bit stronger.

Are there guys on the team that you have gotten to know pretty good from practices?

Everybody. There are a lot of guys. All of the defensive line guys are real cool.

Did anything surprise you or did anyone stand out in your eyes when you arrived at practice?

Everybody is a lot taller. Not really stronger, just taller.

How much are you looking forward to spring practices?

I'm looking forward to spring practices a lot. Hopefully I will learn a lot and hopefully by next season I will be able to get a lot of playing time.

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