WR Back on UM's Radar

Miami (Fla.) Northwestern standout wide receiver Khalil Jones was being recruited by the University of Miami during the spring and he then made a strong impression at UM's camp. However, it seemed like UM was beginning to head in a different direction during the season.

"They were on me strong early," Jones said. "Then I wasn't sure what was going on. Larry Coker wanted to take three receivers and I kept telling them that I'll be the third guy. Then I think they decided to only take two or something. So I told Coach Shannon and Coach CJ to see if they can look out and get me a spot."

The results are in. Jones is back on UM's recruiting map and plans on visiting the Hurricanes later this month.

"I'm going down there on the 30th for a visit," he said. "I talked to CJ the other day. They haven't offered me yet but they will. He said they wanna bring me in last so I dont have to sit around waiting. I'll be there that weekend and I think they'll give me an offer. When they do, I'll commit."

The talented receiver, who had over 300 yards receiving as a senior this past season, said he thinks part of the reason why his name fell off the map in a lot of ways was because of the season he had.

"I laugh when I hear people say I wasn't doing anything my senior year," he said. "If I played at a school that threw the ball a lot like I know some of the receivers do, everyone would know about me. I had to take one for the team and I did. No worries, though, because UM knows who I am."

Fortunately for Jones, so do many other Div. 1 programs. He's been offered scholarships by the three programs he's already visited -- Pittsburgh, Iowa, and Indiana.

"Coach Steele asked me to come up (to FSU) for a visit," he said. "It just didn't seem like they were that interested so I didn't want to go. I was supposed to visit Clemson but I don't know. I told South Florida I'd visit. I have Georgia scheduled for the 23rd. It's all pretty confusing but I do know that I'm going to UM on the 30th and that's when I hope they give me an offer."

Jones said it's been a dream of his to play for the Hurricanes.

"People don't understand how special it is to play at The U," he said. "That's the spot. CJ is one of the best and UM will prepare you for the NFL better than anyone else. I hear some people say there are too many players there already and I laugh. If you aint wanting to compete, then go someplace else. UM is for the ballers man. If they offer me, those other cats better be ready because I'm coming to take someone's job."

Jones, a full academic qualifier, is close with teammates Trevor Ford and Romeo Davis.

"Romeo committed there," he said. "He got his offer. Trevor's had one. Hopefully I'll be next. Trevor and Romeo are going down for their visit this weekend."

Jones said he saw Ford at school first thing this morning.

"He was wearing a throwback Deion (Sanders) jersey and I was like 'damn, look at you. Did you commit?' and he was like 'no man but it was tight.' He was with JR (Bryant) the whole time. They heard about Willie Williams, Xavier Lee, and a bunch of guys from the All-American Bowl going up to FSU this weekend so they went. Trevor said it's out of them and UM. I really don't know what he'll do."

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