Is Ford Still Torn?

When Miami (Fla.) Northwestern Trevor Ford returned home from the CaliFlorida Bowl earlier this month, he knew he had two very important official visits coming up. "I had Florida State last week and Miami this week," Ford said.

Florida State was tight, I got to chill with a bunch of the top recruits. I met some guys like Aaron Jones and he was real cool. We might go (to school) together."

Ford, 6-0 1/2 and 181 pounds, said he was hosted by former teammate Travarous Bain.

"He showed me around and we had a good time there," he said. "I was with a bunch of guys on the visit -- me, Darby, Dunlap, Romeo, the running back named Thomas, a D-Lineman from Wisconsin, a bunch of us. We were all having a good time."

The talented defensive back was asked about the highlights of the trip.

"One of them was going to the Orange Bowl and getting a chance to run through the smoke," he said. "You always see that on TV and stuff and being able to actually do it yourself, it made you feel like you were actually playing."

Ford said he met with the UM coaches at the end of his visit and they went over some things, including his status.

"It's out of UM and FSU now," he said. "I ain't really gonna say who the leader is. They're both tight. I liked both visits, I liked both places. The only real difference is that UM is right here while Florida State is way up there."

Ford plans to announce his final decision this Wednesday on Countdown To Signing Day.

"I'll let everyone know at once," he said. "It'll feel good because it'll be all over and I'll be able to start focusing on track."

Ford is a full academic qualifier.

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