Davis Strengthens Commitment

Last week Miami (Fla.) Northwestern standout linebacker Romeo Davis made a public commitment to the University of Miami. On Friday, he started his official visit to UM.

"That night we went to the Orange Bowl and put on jerseys," Davis said. "I was so mad because people were taking pictures and I forgot my camera. I wanted a picture of me wearing one of those jerseys with my name and number on it. Then we got to run onto the field like we were actually playing."

Davis, who measured at 6-2 and 194 pounds, was hosted by Tavares Gooden. He hung out with several others.

"The best part about the visit was just hanging out with my host," he said. "I was with other guys like Jon Beason. Those guys are all cool. They really like it there and said they made good decisions."

The talented linebacker had a chance to review the depth chart and liked what he saw.

"They only have four linebackers coming back for spring," he said. "Tavares will go into the spring as a starter along with Leon Williams and (Rocky McIntosh). I like to play will the best but I'll play wherever they want me to. I just wanna get on the field. Since those guys are new, maybe I'll have a chance to start if I work hard enough and get bigger."

Speaking of getting bigger, Davis is confident that can and will happen after wrestling season.

"After wrestling, I'll start putting on a lot of weight," he said. "I'm trying to stay at 189 (weight class) but I'll have no problems putting on weight after that. I should be 210 , 215 (in August)."

Davis had a chance to meet with the UM coaches on Saturday and he had a message for them.

"I told them that I'm still committed and everything," he said. "I ain't playin around. When I get there, I aint playing no games. I'm gonna be ready."

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