Ingram Talks About Favorites

As reported by CanesTime last night, Orlando (Fla.) Edgewater defensive lineman Aaron Jones had five Florida State coaches in his home on Monday. Sunday, those same five coaches were at the home of Kenny Ingram.

"Coach Bowden and all those guys came here yesterday," Ingram said. "It was Coach Heggins, the defensive coordinator, and two other guys. They were just meeting with me and my parents."

Last week, Ingram hosted four coaches from UM -- Larry Coker, Greg Mark, Randy Shannon, and Don Soldinger.

"They're all cool people," he said. "I get along with all of them. They're really making it tough for me to make my decision. It won't be easy."

Due to a hectic schedule in recent weeks, Ingram hasn't had a whole lot of time to think about the recruiting process.

"I can't remember the last weekend I was home," he said. "I was in California during the break for that game, then we went to Florida State for the trip, then we had a basketball tournament in Erie, Pennsylvania. This week I'm going to Georgia. I need to make a decision on this recruiting stuff. It's still pretty much Florida State or Miami."

The talented free safety prospect compared his two favorites.

"They're both tight," he said. "I really liked both visits. At Miami, I can be the next Sean Taylor. They're looking for that big safety and I can be that guy. Florida State needs guys too and I think I fit in real well there too. I like the players and coaches at both of them. I probably liked Miami a little more before the season but then it started getting more and more even and now it's split down the middle."

Ingram, a full academic qualifier, will be announcing his final decision next Wednesday on Countdown To Signing Day with teammate Aaron Jones.

"I need to talk to him to see what he's gonna be doing," he said. "I'm gonna talk to my dad about it. Then next Wednesday I'll have a decision ready."

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