Sleeper OL To Visit UM

When offensive lineman Josh Kerr ended his sophomore season at Strongsville High School in Ohio, he wasn't the biggest kid on the field. "I was only about 6-1 and 205 after my sophomore year," Kerr said. "Then I started getting really serious about my weight training and I started getting bigger and bigger."

Now at 6-foot-5 and 290 pounds, Kerr is one of the top offensive line prospects in the state of Ohio.

"He's a great athlete for his size," said head coach Russ Jacques. "He's a kid that wants to be good. He's got a lot of desire and he's tough. His best days are going to be way ahead of him."

Jacques said his standout lineman didn't draw a whole lot of attention as a junior.

"Josh was playing next to a kid that was all-state named Dan Prebula," he said. "Not many people knew about Josh and then he got injured and missed some of last year."

Kerr talked about the injury by saying, "I hurt my shoulder in practice one day. I went to the doctor and I had to sit out some. When I came back, it was a complete recovery."

Kerr spent a lot of time in the weightroom during the offseason and came in with something to prove this season.

"Josh played great this year," Jacques said. "He was a guard for us and even played a little defense. We played Glenville in game 3 and he just mauled people. He had a great game a lot of people were watching because of guys like Teddy Ginn in the game."

According to Jacques, Kerr is outstanding during the offseason.

"He's a great lifter," he said. "He works just as hard as anyone else. Like I said, some kids are good. Some want to be good. He is good and wants to be a lot better. I think if he gets in the right situation with the right coaching at the next level, there's no telling how good he can become. I think he's going to be a great one someday."

Kerr, a full academic qualifier, now has the attention of college coaches everywhere.

"I just came back from West Virginia for an official visit yesterday," he said. "There were seven of us. We had a good time and I enjoyed it there. I'm going to Miami Florida next weekend and then Cincinnati on the 30th."

Kerr, whose brother is a backup linebacker at Ohio State, is getting plenty of attention during the week as well. He talked more about the Hurricanes.

"The coach from Miami (Art Kehoe) is in my house right now," he said on Monday afternoon. "I'm really looking forward to taking my visit there this weekend. They have offered me a scholarship and I'm very excited. The thing about Miami is I really enjoy Coach Kehoe. He's the kind of guy I'd like to play for. He has me real, real interested in Miami right now. Of course I have to go see the campus and everything before I make a decision but I like them a lot."

The talented offensive lineman said he grew up thinking he'd someday play for Ohio State. However, that changed before his senior season.

"With my brother being there, when people asked me before the season where I would go, I usually would say Ohio State," he said. "However, I was sort of rubbed the wrong way by their coaches. I went up there once and the coaches knew I was coming. Right after practice, the O-Line coach just left to see another recruit. I guess they figured I was right there and they could get me anytime. But that's not it. My top three right now are Miami, West Virginia, and Cincinnati."

Although the Hurrcanes appear to be in good shape, don't rule out the Bearcats.

"Cincinnati, they just contacted me for the first time last Monday and it was with a scholarship offer," he said. "Their new coach used to coach my brother at Ohio State and my brother was telling me what a great man and a great coach he is. I'll go there on the 30th."

When asked about the competition factor at a place like Miami, Kerr provided an interesting response.

"The thing is, I know I can go in and compete with those guys," he said. "Some guys aren't sure of that. I know I can. I'm big enough and I feel like I'll be fast enough and strong enough. I think I have the ability to play early and have the ability to beat even some seniors out. I just work really hard during the offseason and I'm going to be so ready when I start college, you don't understand."

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